Crimson Weak: A Review of a Bad Movie


Elle Johnson, Staff Writer

This weekend, against my will, I was forced to watch a film by the name of Crimson Peak. I am not one for horror films, frankly I had to stop watching the Walking Dead because I couldn’t handle the zombies, so I was not thrilled to go see this movie. After forgetting my ID in the car, and the ticket attendant making me trudge through the rain to get it,  I was in no mood to watch this movie. Finally, I got to sit down just in time to sit through two hours of horror.

Of course I sat next to my friend who was even more terrified of horrors movies than I. She came prepared, bringing headphones and even a jacket to cover her eyes. However, as much as I did not want to be scared, I was getting my $11 worth of movie. The first 15 minutes or so of these types of movies are usually not scary, so I thought I was in the clear. However, after a mention of a funeral, I was on high alert. Of course the young main character, Edith, was sleeping in her bed when her mother’s ghost came back with a warning: “Beware Crimson Peak”. Although initially the appearance of the ghost startled the audience, it looked like a claymation creature and eventually caused many of us to laugh. Of course, cliché ominous music let people know when ghosts were about to appear.

Basically, the sister, Lucille, is in love with her brother, played by Tom Hiddleston, and he scams young rich women into marrying him so that he can steal their money. Then, after the young women sign over their assets, Lucille poisons them by putting the toxin in their tea. Lucille is a possessive and crazy young women, even from a young age. Leading her brother into murderous schemes, they killed their mother and proceeded to commit various homicides while maintaining their incestuous relationship. By the middle of the movie, Lucille’s brother, Thomas, tells Edith that the house they live in is known as Crimson Peak. Finally, with this information, the nightmare amplifies. Eventually, Lucille attempts to kill Edith for being intimate with Thomas, but she escapes with the help of her friend, Dr. Alan McMichael. Instead, Lucille takes out her rage on Thomas, stabbing him in the eye. Finally, Edith brutally attacks Lucille with a shovel and she died. At the end, Edith leaves Crimson Peak with her doctor friend and her homicidal head held high.