In Defense of Ryan Gosling as Ken

Ryan Gosling…the man, the myth, the legend. I personally love Ryan Gosling in the role of Ken, in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie Barbie, but many people disagree much to my disdain. As a mega fan of Ryan Gosling, I was more than ecstatic to learn that he will be playing Ken because he is a great actor and is also really funny. 


Ryan Gosling giving Ken-ergy on the red carpet

When Ryan Gosling was announced to play Ken, there were very mixed reactions to him for the role. Some people, including myself, loved him as the role of Ken, while others were not so keen. Many people argued that he was too old to play Ken and some argued that he did not give off Ken vibes because he is best known for more serious roles. Although, I would argue that Ryan Gosling does give off Ken vibes, just watch his movie Nice Guys and it will be clear why he was chosen. Also, after seeing all the promotions he has done for Barbie, like dressing up in the bright pink bomber jacket for the premier, it is clear that he was made for the role.


The big three fan-casts

Upon Ryan Gosling being announced to play Ken, many people not happy with this decision were disappointed that their fan-casts were not chosen to play the role. The big three fan-casts I saw the most on social media were Teen Beach Movie’s own Garrett Clayton, Blake Lively’s husband Ryan Reynolds, and Top Gun actor Glen Powell. While I agree that Garrett Clayton does give off major Ken vibes, I still think Ryan Gosling is the better choice because he has a better resume. Don’t get me wrong, I love Teen Beach Movie, the song Cruisin’ for a Brusin’ is iconic, but let’s be real, Ryan Gosling is a way better actor than Garrett Clayton. Also, why would you want Glen Powell to be Ken??? After the way he’s been treating his now ex-girlfriend, Ken would never. Ken is too good for Glen Powell, why would that even be an option. And as for Ryan Reynolds, people fan-cast him for every movie ever so it never holds much merit. 


I would also argue that Ryan Gosling is perfect for the role of Ken because in a past interview he said that he is “49% woman, sometimes 47% depending on the day.” Only someone who is 49% woman could play Ken, so Ryan Gosling continues to check all the boxes. 

Up until this point, I only knew Ken from afar. I didn’t know Ken from within. I doubted my Ken-ergy. I didn’t see it. But Margot [Robbie] and Greta [Gerwig] conjured this out of me.

— Ryan Gosling

As time goes on and the release of the soon to be best movie of all time, Barbie, is released in theaters, the more people have started to accept his role. Which I am very happy about. After the trailer and his many interviews about playing Ken, I feel like people are starting to understand the vision more. As Ryan Gosling said, “There’s always been a Ken inside of me. It’s the role I was born to play, I’ve had this Ken-ergy if you will, and the Ken-ergy is alive in me now.” I couldn’t agree more and I am excited to see the movie and for him to prove all his haters wrong.