Cavs vs Knicks Games 3 & 4


A part 2 of last week’s article on games 1 and 2. For a quick rundown of how they went, basically we got outplayed at home game 1, and in game 2 we had a decently hard-fought win. A couple of things that concern me going forward into games 3 and 4 is our ability to score and maintaining possession. We also had a lot of sloppy turnovers in game 2 and didn’t score from 3 nearly as much as the Knicks did which seems to be a common theme throughout this series. Also I’m scared we’re going to go back to forcing the ball through Spida again and he’s going to shoot like 5/18 or whatever it is. I have high hopes for a good series and possibly going to game 7. My biggest concern of all is playing in Madison Square. The Knicks main way they beat teams is playing fast and with momentum. If you have ever met a Knicks fan (Walker Baulknight), you would know that they have absolutely no idea how their team actually plays and are just really loud, which is exactly the opposite of what you want as a technical team that moves the ball around a lot. I think if we can get 1 game back in New York we might be in great shape moving forward. See yall after the games. 


Game 3: Quite literally one of the worst games I have watched as a Cavs fan. One of the most pathetic and sloppy performances all year at literally the worst time. I understand the garden is one of the toughest environments to play in but shooting 37% on 79 points is unbelievable for a 4-seed team that’s labeled as “contenders”. Also, what’s the deal with arguably one of our best perimeter defenders getting only 12 minutes of pt? I love Levert and all but when you’re the away team playing in this environment with one of the better shooting teams in the league, you have to be able to guard the three-point line. So many questions and not enough answers. See yall game 4. 

Game 4: And when the world needed him most, he was nowhere to be found. So many draft picks were lost for this dude to shoot on 5/18. The league’s most improved player in Lauri Markkenen, for this guy to shoot 5/18. Everybody was kind of chuckin this game anyway but when your organization trades away the rest of their future for you, shooting at least decently is needed. I get that the man Donovan is arguably one of the larger reasons we’re where we are now but it hurts when he pulls this when we needed it the most. The same story all season long; sloppy turnovers leading to points off the steal and trailing the whole game. Random open shots that should not have even been close, multiple buzzer beaters, and the Nova boys once again decimate our franchise. The little faith I have is the next two games being at home but being down 3-1 has only worked once for us, and that was with the greatest player of all time (argue with a wall). I’m not even sure if we’re doing another newspaper article this year so if the Cavs come back it was at the fault of Julius Randle and him only.

As of this publishing the Knicks are  ahead 4 games to 1 over the Cavs.