Best South Carolina Athletes (Part 1)

Learn about some of the best pro athletes from our home state of South Carolina.


In the over-saturated population of existing and aspiring pro athletes, there are a considerable number of big names in professional sports that began their careers in our home state of South Carolina. In this article, I will be introducing you to some of the biggest stars from the Palmetto State. I will be focusing on football and basketball, because those are the sports I know best (sorry baseball fans).




A.J. Green

Born in 1988 in Summerville, South Carolina, A.J. Green is best known for his long and successful career as a wide receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals, and he retired last year after one season with the Arizona Cardinals. Green attended the University of Georgia and was drafted as the fourth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. A.J. Green was a 7-time pro bowler and won the 2008 SEC Freshman of the year. 


Jadeveon Clowney

Born in 1993 in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Jadeveon Clowney is best known for his monster hit against Michigan, and a pro career battered with injuries. After a four-year stint with the Houston Texans, being the first overall pick in the 2014 Draft, Clowney has moved around, spending one season with the Seattle Seahawks, the Tennessee Titans, and the Cleveland Browns. Jadeveon Clowney was the 2012 SEC Defensive at the University of South Carolina, and ios a 3-time pro bowler. 


Carlos Dunlap

Born in 1989 in North Charleston, South Carolina, Carlos Dunlap also had a considerable career at defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Dunlap has also played one season for the Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs, winning Super Bowl LVII. Carlos Dunlap attended the University of Florida and is a 2-time pro bowler.


Stephon Gilmore

Born in 1990 in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Stephon Gilmore. After attending the University of South Carolina, Gilmore was drafted in 2012 as the tenth overall pick to the Buffalo Bills. Gilmore moved to the Patriots after a few seasons, where he won Super Bowl LIII and was the 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Since 2020, Gilmore has played one season for the Carolina Panthers, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Dallas Cowboys, where he currently plays.


Josh Norman

Born in 1987 in Greenwood, South Carolina, Josh Norman is a cornerback best known for his continuous beef with star NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Norman attended Coastal Carolina, and was the 143rd overall pick to the Carolina Panthers in the 2012 NFL Draft. Norman has moved between the Washington Redskins, the Buffalo Bills, the San Francisco 49ers, and back to the Carolina Panthers. In 2015 Josh Norman made the Pro Bowl and was a first team All-Pro. 


Mike Williams

Born in 1994 in Holly Hill, South Carolina, Mike Williams is a star wide receiver for the Los Angeles Chargers. Additionally, Williams is friends with our very own Coach Stuart Walters. Since being the seventh overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, Williams has been a solid outlet for Justin Herbert as a 6 foot 4 inch monster receiver. He has also made several appearances on my Fantasy Football Team. He attended Lake Marion High School and Clemson University.