AMHS Matchmaker: Class of 2023

We finally got around to matching people in our own grade


Finally, we are in familiar territory with the class of 2023, and I like to think we didn’t disappoint. 

We matched everyone on Valentine’s Day so may that bring our class some good luck. Luckily for our readers, this time, a few of our matches gave us permission to publish their names and commentary.

Please note that almost all of our matches are as platonic because we did not have a gender distribution that matched people’s preferences.



Our first match was made immediately after sending out our survey in December when Ellyse Ramos and Sarah Baer immediately had us check their compatibility. Originally the introvert/extrovert question blocked their unbreakable bond from showing up on paper, but they convinced us to change the survey to allow for more options. Unfortunately, the third one in their trio, Leila, didn’t take the survey, so we may never know if they’re all a perfect match. 


The next match we have is Emily Bagwell and Ava Peterson. You might recognize Emily for her recent amazing parking jobs or Ava from when she handed out little rubber ducks to random people on PSAT today. When asked if we could publish their match, Ava immediately said yes and then asked me why their names weren’t in that issue. Emily and Ava-may you have the time of your life but maybe avoid parking lots.


In our very own newspaper class, we have a four-person group matched as friends that is essential to The Talon. Lily Hutson, Emma Morrison, Emily Byrne, and Mary Blake Hand all sit together in the back left corner of Mrs. Hurt’s room and work together to address very pressing issues for the school such as Magnet hot takes or the Taylor Swift Eras tour debacle. 


Although Makenna Lankford told us to “Match me with my future husband please and thank you ;),” we overrode her request and found her something more important than a man: Eliana Collier. Eliana Collier was the obvious choice. Eliana did tell us not to match her with someone without a loud car though and I (Lilly) can’t confirm the noises of Makenna’s car so hopefully, that doesn’t break this match made in Heaven up. 


Additionally, Tina Liu and Audrey’s survey indicated that they would be good friends. This match required in-person follow-up as I had to inquire about whether Audrey liked cats. Fortunately, it worked out for the best. 


Willa Wiley and Izzy Justice were another pair. Izzy originally asked for a boyfriend, but since she doesn’t have the best taste, we decided she needed a friend more. Willa was the perfect option due to her status as better than all men. Also, Destiny Craft if you fill out the survey, Izzy made sure to let me know she is willing to take on another match. 


Anna and I share the same last name, so I had to ensure she got a good match. I chose Moyu, as if she is willing to receive 100s of emails from all the subpar NHS members (including me), you know she is amazing.


I know these results our unsurprising for most, but what can we say? It seems the senior class did a good job picking friends all by themselves. Our survey just seemed to confirm what they already knew

Sophomores, you’re up next…