Boys’ Tennis: Calm Before the Storm

A Preseason Synopsis of the Boys’ Tennis Team’s Goals and Aspirations for the 2023 Season

The AMHS tennis team is one of the most slept-on sports at our school. Over the last four years, we have not lost to Bishop England, and we have made the second round of playoffs each year. This year our team consists of eight seniors and we are ready to (finally) beat Oceanside Collegiate Academy and wield the state championship trophy. Let me explain:

As a member of the AMHS tennis team, I can attest to the impressive history of our program. Over the past four years, we have consistently come out on top against our rival, Bishop England, and made it to the second round of playoffs each year. This season, with a strong roster, featuring numerous, new, talented freshmen, our goal is to bring home the state championship trophy and finally defeat Oceanside Collegiate Academy.

Returning seniors on the team include Walker Bauknight, Pierson Tran, Sean Khamnei, Chase Roberts, Jacob Minor, and Spence Cox. Although last season was a disappointment, with a second round playoff loss to Camden, Walker was unable to play due to injury; hence, we are more determined than ever to come back stronger this year with a full roster.

One of the biggest changes for our team this year is a new coach, Hewitt Strange. While we will miss our former coach, Bryce, who was beloved by all of us, he still plans to come to practice once a week to hit with the team. With Coach Strange at the helm, we are eager to continue growing and developing our skills. Strange has already shown the team his knowledgeable and serious, yet light-hearted personality. Pierson Tran in particular is “expecting to go very far with [the] current group of guys this season despite the coaching change.” 

John McQueen (11)

Another exciting development for the tennis program at AMHS is the potential creation of a JV boys team. This would provide more opportunities for students to play and experience the sport they love, and also allow younger students to develop their skills for future varsity play. We believe that the creation of a JV boys team would greatly benefit the tennis program at AMHS and provide even more students with the opportunity to participate in the sport. I believe one or two more players are needed to secure this team, so if you’re interested in tennis, find the athletic director! 

Speaking of the tennis program at AMHS, let us take a moment to appreciate the history. 

Two years ago, Cameron Dawson, a now-graduate of Magnet, wrote this article, which was meant to review the beginning of the 2021 season. To say the least, we have come a long way. Two years ago we were wearing masks during water breaks, and only practicing two days a week. As a part of Coach Strange’s new program, we are practicing four days a week, Monday through Thursday, something of which I have not seen before at Magnet. Although it can be said that many tennis players have a home club or clinic at which they play, the four days a week practice is good for those (often seniors) who no longer participate in these clinics and need as much practice as possible. The quad-weekly practices also contribute to the growing comradery of AMHS tennis. 

Five years ago, when the team was coached by Mr. Percy, the world-renowned math teacher, a state title was achieved. The article from the Post and Courier can be found here. The team was led by Sam Kavarana, who went on to play tennis at Davidson, and Earl Navarro, who went to college at Duke. When I was in eighth grade, I actually played against this team while I played for Philip Simmons High School; to say the least, this was a killer team. There is no surprise that they won the state title against St. Joseph’s. Hopefully, our current team can achieve the same feat as these Raptors. 

This team will be the greatest tennis team in Magnet history.”

— Walker Bauknight (12)

The point is, previous years’ tennis players have set the standard—the example. Winning a title would not be anything new. Walker Bauknight, a senior and previous singles and doubles player, is feeling extremely confident about the season, stating that “this team will be the greatest tennis team in Magnet history.” 



We will see during this match schedule: 

Date Opponent Location
February 21st Hanahan Home
February 28th Berkeley Away
March 9th Philip Simmons Home
March 14th West Ashley Away
March 21st Bishop England Home
March 22nd  Berkeley Home
March 28th Oceanside Home
March 29th Wando Away
April 4th Bishop England Away
April 6th Oceanside Home
April 18th Philip Simmons Away
April 21st Wando Home
Jacob Minor (12)

Many of you may know that our school is within 2A, based on population size; meaning, our specific region houses these 2A schools: 

  • Academic Magnet
  • Bishop England
  • Lake Marion
  • Oceanside Collegiate
  • Timberland

Because of our league, the most important matches are against these teams. As I previously mentioned, we have historically had no problem beating Bishop England. The main threat continues to be Oceanside Collegiate Academy. 

The team is thrilled about our out-of-region matches against Wando, Phillip Simmons, Hanahan, and Berkeley. Although wins against these teams cannot grant us a state title, they provide us with competitive experience against other local high-level high school tennis teams. 

The roster and lineup of the team is currently up in the air, but you all can expect me to release another article later in the season; ideally, when we are on our way to the state title. I look forward to introducing the freshman and reviewing our accomplishments. 

One last thing:

The tennis team is extremely excited to work with the new athletic director, Raymond Knauer. Many of us have already seen him out by the courts, checking out what needs to be fixed and we know that he will do his best to further the program. 


Cheers to a championship season!