Introducing the 2021 Boys Tennis Team


Despite the Covid-19 virus impacting so many of the things we know and love, one thing has stayed constant, the boy’s tennis team. The 2021 guys team, a team capable of destroying the competition, has had a great season thus far. Led by Coach Alan Schmitt and Senior Captains Timothy Wilson, Preston Sessoms, and myself Cameron Dawson the Raptor’s team has clawed their way to an impressive 3-2 record. With the only two losses coming in heartbreaking losses to rivals Wando and Porter-Gaud. Thus far, the team has been competing in scrimmages mainly, that is, until last Thursday when the Raptors took down Hannahan in an impressive 8-0 sweep. The Raptors boys followed it up with an impressive win on Tuesday, defeating Bishop England easily. When taking into consideration the protocols they must follow due to these safety concerns, their winning ways look even stronger. The team is required to wear masks whenever they are not physically playing as well as maintaining social distancing on and off the court. Furthermore, before practice every day they must be temperature checked in order to ensure that they do not have a fever. 


If you wish to watch this awesome team in action you will have to act quickly. Due to a shortened season and playoffs, the guy’s season could be relatively short this year. That being said, they are still practicing on the Academic Magnet tennis courts every Monday and Wednesday from 3:45 pm-5:15 pm on the days that they do not have a match scheduled. The boys still have a number of inner conference matches coming up, below is a full schedule for the boys’ season:


*Mar 4 AMHS vs. Wando @AMHS

*Mar 11 AMHS vs. Porter-Gaud @Porter-Gaud

Mar 17 AMHS vs. Hanahan @AMHS

Mar 23 AMHS vs. Bishop England @Bishop England

Mar 30 AMHS vs. Hanahan @Hanahan

Mar 31 AMHS vs. Oceanside @AMHS

*Apr 12 AMHS vs. Wando @Wando

Apr 13 AMHS vs. Bishop England @AMHS

Apr 14 AMHS vs. Oceanside @AMHS


The team is a good blend of upperclassmen and lowerclassmen, with players from all grades competing heavily for playing time.


The current roster for the team is as follows:


  1. Cameron Dawson (12)
  2. Timothy Wilson (12)
  3. Preston Sessoms (12)
  4. Sean Khamnei (10)
  5. Pierson Tran (10)
  6. Walker Bauknight (10)
  7. Chase Roberts (10)
  8. Rutledge Sander (9)
  9. Dominik Dimicco (11)
  10. Spence Cox (10)
  11. Abram Shuler (9)
  12. Gannon Rose (9)


The team is extremely excited for the season and spectators are more than welcome to come and cheer on the team. Although if you wish to do so you must wear a mask and adhere to the covid 19 guidelines.