AMHS Pet Profiles: Part 3!

The Best of the Best


This is the another part of the Magnet Pet Profiles series, where I will be wrapping up many of our furry (and not so furry) friends! This article will include cats, more dogs, and all of the miscellaneous critters of Magnet!



Student: Ella Chapman (12th)

Pet Type: Black cat (American Shorthair)

Pet Name: Marjorie

BEST Qualities: She looks like Toothless from How to Train your Dragon, keeps things interesting, and is very very curious.

WORST Qualities: She likes to run outside if there is an inch of the door open, black hair everywhere, likes to jump in the pantry UNINVITED, when I arrive in my driveway she jumps on the hood of my car and proceeds to walk up said car.

Special Talents: she sits and jumps up for treats which I was unaware cats would do (she is somewhat like a dog), she has a special trick for escaping the house to wander, she also fits into obscure places.

Other Info: I have recently discovered she can successfully hop up into a tree and then get herself down from the tree (which i didn’t think was possible due to previous cat stereotypes about getting stuck in trees), she is named after Taylor Swift’s song Marjorie, and she was adopted from the Pounce Cat Cafe.


Student: Charlie Zaifert (11th)

Pet Type: Orange Tabby

Pet Name: Thor

BEST Qualities: He’s very social and fluffy and smells so good.

WORST Qualities: His attitude sometimes. He’s like a hormonal teenager.

Special Talents: He’s fast and climbs trees.

Other Info: He is an escape artist and gets out almost every time someone opens the door (especially when it’s Abby Poole). He also meows like a baby and it’s super cute. And he’s a flirt.


Student: Abdu-Rahman El-Shewy (12th)

Pet Type: Orange and White Shorthair 

Pet Name: Simba

BEST Qualities: He is playful, loves to be pet, and ALWAYS meows “hello” when he sees you.

WORST Qualities: He knocks things over, tries to take food, and hates being picked up 🙁

Special Talents: No.

Other Info: He’s adorable.


Student: Isabella Twyman (10th)

Pet Type: Tabby 

Pet Name: Moon

BEST Qualities: She is affectionate and friendly.

WORST Qualities: She likes to bite feet.

Other Info: She’ll roll over if you get near her and let you pet her stomach.


Student: Jay Mirman (11th)

Pet Type: Part Maine Coon. I dont know the other part.

Pet Name: Eclipse

BEST Qualities: Eclipse will bang on my bedroom door until he is let in or out. Eclipse loves belly rubs as well.

WORST Qualities: Sometimes Eclipse will bang on my door at 2 AM and wake me up. He is also very skittish.

Special Talents: He knows his name and will follow you around.

Other Info: The photo attached was taken while we were washing him, and he hates everyone in my family except me.


Student: Evie Heath (10th)

Pet Type: Orange Tabby

Pet Name: Molly

BEST Qualities: She is very talkative, soft, and loves cuddles.

WORST Qualities: She only drinks running water and brings home leaves as presents.

Special Talents: Very good at climbing trees and getting the zoomies.

Other Info: She is very respectful of wildlife and has never killed anything. She will be walking and suddenly plop on the floor, to which you are free to come over and scratch her belly. 


Student: Grace Gast (11th)

Pet Type: Tuxedo Cat

Pet Name: Star

BEST Qualities: He is adorable, handsome, and I trained him to sit in command. He goes on walks with me and my dog. He also loves to snuggle.

WORST Qualities: He kills and eats things (mostly squirrels).

Special Talents: He can sit on command and he likes to go on walks and climb very high trees.

Other Info: He is really sweet, loves people. He likes to go through windows as opposed to doors when going inside and outside. He loves to snuggle and sleep with you.




Student: Abby Youmans (11th)

Pet Type: Pinstripe Crested Gecko

Pet Name: Beans

BEST Qualities: She is very pretty and very sweet when you hold her.

WORST Qualities: She is occasionally hyper and randomly falls asleep when she is stuck on the wall. Then she falls on the ground.

Special Talents: She can drink water droplets off of my finger tip.

Other Info: She is still a youngling. Automatic win.


Student: Elena Barber (9th)

Pet Type: ISA Brown chicken (hen)

Pet Name: Cayenne

BEST Qualities: Cayenne is very social, curious, and inquisitive. She’s always scrambling around my feet when I walk into the chicken run and she loves to peck and scratch at the ground next to my foot. 

WORST Qualities: She LOVES treats and will do anything for them- Not inherently bad, but she likes to peck them out of your hand and steal them from her flockmates! When I feed her mealworms out of my hand, she is sometimes so enthusiastic that she pecks my skin by accident (whereas her sister Moon is much gentler and would never get my skin)

Special Talents: Cayenne will jump pretty high for lettuce!! She also loves to pose for photos.

Other Info: When Cayenne was a chick, she would always turn her head and just stare with one eye- it was sort of unnerving! Nowadays, if I get the camera out, she likes to get super close to the camera and I always end up with pictures of her head, eyes, and beak. Another interesting thing: one time she ate a baby red tailed skink. She got bitten by it in the process!


Student: Mia Wang (10th)

Pet Type: Russian Dwarf Hamster

Pet Name: Pork

BEST Qualities: Super. Super. Super cute.

WORST Qualities: He bites. *editor’s note: obesity.

Special Talents: Being lazy.

Other Info: He looks like a little, cute, fluffy ball of fur.


Student: Chase Broadway (9th)

Pet Type: Bearded Dragon

Pet Name: Echo

BEST Qualities: Hilarious to watch her run, very quiet, great listener, has many festive hats.

WORST Qualities: She is lazy, often salty and angry, consumes too many super worms, and is a picky eater.

Special Talents: She could claw your eyes out if she wanted to.

Other Info: She is a pretty clean and low maintenance pet.


Student: Nate Markin (11th)

Pet Type: Homo Sapien

Pet Name: Louquie Sutherland

BEST Qualities: He is an obedient, promiscuous goofball.

WORST Qualities: He is goofy.

Special Talents: He can play dead.

Other Info: W Rizz.


More dogs:


Student: Ransome Hudson (12th)

Pet Type: Golden Doodle

Pet Name: Bandit

BEST Qualities: Good energy, chill and playful.

WORST Qualities: Deathly afraid of: his leash, playing cards, fireworks, and thunder.

Special Talents: He can eat literally anything (grapes, chocolate, plastic) and he spins in circles a lot.


Bandit is my favorite dog, I think he’s human.

— Boris Pekar


Student: Jordan Burrell (11th)

Pet Type: Mutt mix

Pet Name: Madeline 

BEST Qualities: She has won third place best smile two years in a row.

WORST Qualities: She is always barking.

Special Talents: She developed her own kind of Pavlov trait, where every time I unhook her leash after taking her out, she patiently waits for me to unlock the door with a code. After the code works a clicking sound makes her know it is time to go inside.

Other Info: We call her cinnamon roll because she always sleeps in a bed rolled up like dough. She’s ten years old and is still athletically gifted. 


Student: Annie Cagle (12th)

Pet Type: Aussie/Lab Mix

Pet Name: Tater

BEST Qualities: Loves to play and go on walks and is very cute.

WORST Qualities: Bites and steals things.

Special Talents: He’s still a puppy, but he can sit and shake hands.

Other Info: His real name is Potato and he was found on the side of the road.


Student: Emma Hsu (12th)

Pet Type: Golden Retriever

Pet Name: Hoosier

BEST Qualities: Sweetie, chill, nice to humans, really soft, comforting, greets you excitedly when you come home, beloved by all.

WORST Qualities: Really dumb, old, bad listener, barks at every other dog she sees, lazy.

Special Talents: Shake (paw), play dead, jump.

Other Info: 1000 + instagram followers (fame).


Student: Alaina Jarrett (10th)

Pet Type: Boykin Spaniel

Pet Name: Banjo

BEST Qualities: He is a very good listener.

WORST Qualities: He sits in really weird positions.

Special Talents: He will shake, high five, and fist bump for ice.

Other Info: He likes to watch Family Guy.


Student: Sophie Taber (12th)

Pet Type: Yorkie

Pet Name: Beau

BEST Qualities: He is special.

WORST Qualities: He loves to pee on people and his breath smells like fish.

Special Talents: He sleeps a lot.

Other Info: He broke his leg once and learned how to walk on 3 legs.


I was personally peed on by Beau Taber.

— Emily Byrne