AMHS Pet Profiles: Part 2

More Elite Animal Companions of AMHS


This is the second part (out of 3) of Magnet students’ pet profiles, where I will be wrapping up many of our puppy pals! Don’t forget to vote on your favorite Magnet pet after adoring each profile to determine the best AMHS pet mascot!! 


Student: Cooper Mitchell (12th)

Pet Type: Shitzu Pomeranian mix

Pet Name: Juju

BEST Qualities: “His cuteness.”

WORST Qualities: “He smells bad.”

Special Talents: “Sleeping.”

Other Info: “He is cute.”



Student: Garrison Gray (10th)

Pet Type: Bedlington Terrier

Pet Name: Bedford

BEST Qualities: He is very kind and encouraging when I’m stressed. 

WORST Qualities: He is not potty trained

Special Talents: He can ride a bike.

Other Info: He is almost 49 in dog years.


Dogs can’t ride bikes!!

— Ms. Hurt


Student: Alec and Reece Early (12th and 10th)

Pet Type: A mut but he’s definitely part pitbull

Pet Name: Shadow

BEST Qualities: He seems to sleep constantly, he is always willing to cuddle, and hesleeps in weird positions all the time.

WORST Qualities: He’s not a good vacuum.

Special Talents: Shadow can brighten up my day no matter what.

Other Info: Lily Hutson once had to help me clean him after jumping in the marsh and her white pants are still dirty


Student: John Thomasson (10th)

Pet Type: Bull Terrier

Pet Name: Theodore

BEST Qualities: He is extremely photogenic. 

WORST Qualities: He dislikes kids, other dogs, and new people, and he frequently runs into walls.

Special Talents: He jumps really high and can eat way more than he’s supposed to.

Other Info: He looks like the Target dog.


Student: Emily Pilla (12th)

Pet Type: Boykin Spaniel 

Pet Name: River

BEST Qualities: He is very smart, cute, outgoing, loyal, playful, happy, and gives people kisses when they ask. He has funny paws, pretty eyes, a nub as a tail, and likes to bite avocados because he thinks they are balls. He also likes to hug other dogs

WORST Qualities: He only runs away from me on walks (have had to chase him for 45 mins), always wants to play, rips up my socks and toilet paper, and sometimes he bites on peoples fingers.

Special Talents: He knows how to sit and stay. That’s all. 

Other Info: River won an award for best photo in the Boykin Spaniel Society puppy issue magazine and it is currently hanging in a shadow box over my stairs.

River is the cutest puppy ever and everyone knows it.

— Emily Pilla


Student: Iris Steele (9th)

Pet Type: Mini Golden Doodle

Pet Name: Graham

BEST Qualities: He is lazy, funny, fluffy, and adorable.

WORST Qualities: He can be hyper, naughty, and annoying.

Special Talents: He can sit, lay down, and go in his crate when told.

Other Info: He really likes cold pizza & raw carrots.


Student: Willa and Maris Jones (12th and 10th)

Pet Type: Mutt

Pet Name: Driver

BEST Qualities: His white paws, white chest, curly tail, friendliness, and his bark is really funny.

WORST Qualities: He sheds and he doesn’t like to be held for a long time.

Special Talents: We taught him how to sit, shake, go through legs, give hugs, and jump.

Other Info: All of our friends agree that he’s the cutest and sweetest of all of the pets among us. He also loves his grandparents and gets so excited whenever we say their names.


Student: Sean Murphy (9th)

Pet Type: Whippet

Pet Name: Rowdy

BEST Qualities: He is cute and gentle and likes to lay in funny positions in the sun.

WORST Qualities: He ate an entire loaf of bread and I have yet to forgive him.

Special Talents: He can give you a high five.

Other Info: He is very cute.


Student: Elin Herndon (12th)

Pet Type: Mutts

Pet Name: Misty and Duke

BEST Qualities: Misty is very loving and will cheer you up when you are sad. Duke is very loyal and he is very clean as well. Duke is well behaved. 

WORST Qualities: Misty doesn’t behave most of the time and she likes to steal food. Duke is very anxious and likes to howl. 

Special Talents: Misty can play dead and walk around in a circle on command. Duke knows basic tricks like shake and high-five 

Other Info: They love other people and they love to hang out at the beach. Duke sits in a beach chair and Misty loves to dig/eat the sand at the beach. 


Student: CJ Geiger (9th)

Pet Type: German shorthair pointer

Pet Name: Hershey

BEST Qualities: He gives kisses, can woof, likes to hug people, and can run very fast.

WORST Qualities: He tears up the grass with his speed and he has a long tail that is very strong

Special Talents: He barks and growls to ask for food.

Other Info: He is a good boy and likes to get attention from anyone. He is always sweet to new people/dogs. He is very patriotic and is wearing a 4th of July hat in his picture.


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Stay tuned for even more pet profiles in the next article, including cats and all of the miscellaneous pets of the Magnet student body!