AMHS Matchmaking 2022

Find Your Kindred Spirit

Note: Every student who filled out the survey will eventually be emailed a match and given the choice to opt-in or out of having their matches published. 

It’s December and cuffing season is upon us. As the days shorten, darken, and seasonal depression runs rampant, many minds wander to finding a soulmate. Unfortunately, you attend Magnet and likely don’t have the time to find a match. Don’t worry, Lilly and Ella are here to save you. We have spent many sleepless nights trying to help YOU find love.


Our matchmaking strategy: We carefully evaluated your Myers-Briggs personality to ensure you ended up with a compatible personality. Then, we evaluated factors such as what you were looking for in a relationship, your interests, and what you liked to talk about. After careful deliberation, we matched you with (what we hope was) a kindred spirit. 


We started with the Freshman class because we figured y’all were the most lonely. In gathering the responses, we learned a few things:

1) Shockingly, the vast majority of students at Magnet are competitive. I mean anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of being in a classroom while PSAT scores were released or PowerSchool was updated knows this, but out of the 44 of you who filled it out, only 5 said you weren’t competitive. May that benefit you next spirit week and lead you to dress up more. 

2) Everyone values trust, but very few people put honesty as one of their top values (so if you lie make sure you don’t get caught) 

3) Very few freshmen put a political affiliation, oh how things have changed since 2020. This is especially impressive in an election year, but I worry that your Thanksgiving dinners might be a little boring. Where’s the spice?

4) Identity fraud is rampant among the student body as a whole at Magnet, and clearly Magnet kids wouldn’t make good criminals as they failed to realize the form collects your email. 

5) Never call a Freshman if you’re in need, they will not pick up as none of them enjoy the phone (don’t worry I relate). You’re better off communicating via text, facetime, morse code, or smoke signal. 

6) The thing the freshman value the most is humor, so if you are a freshman and looking to get a date in the future, I’d start working on my jokes now. 


As for the rest of the grades, we promise we haven’t forgotten about you, we just needed some time to perfect our matchmaking craft. Also please give us permission to publish your matches<3


Our holiday date ideas:


Ice Skating:

Here Are 6 Rinks to Get Your Ice Skate on in SC!

Where: Carolina Ice Palace, Ice Skating Rink at Capital 1, Ice Skating on the Point

Cost: varies, usually $10-$15. Stay on the lookout for seasonal discounts.

Pros: There are many opportunities for cute pictures, and you can pretend like we actually get cold weather.

Cons: If you are clumsy, this date could end in the ER. Make sure you can fall in style before choosing this option. Additionally, you will not have a chance to take cute photos if you faceplant and then spend the rest of your date soaking wet. Also, if you never learned to skate, it’s a bit embarrassing to have a walker in high school (though I have been shameless before).

Warning: I’d make sure at least one of you is good at ice skating. 


Gingerbread house building:

About Our Events ~ Gingerbread Wars™

Where: Anywhere

Cost: $20

Pros: It’s a good, streamlined way to see if you and your match are good at teamwork. It will test the results of your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Cons: If you don’t succeed, gingerbread house building can bring out the worst in people. If you fear failure, this is not the option for you. 

Warning: If you are the person who redoes all the work for group projects, make sure you buy two gingerbread houses. 


Holiday Movie:

Pros: You don’t have to talk much.

Cons: You have to pick a movie, this is not for the indecisive. When the movie ends, you will inevitably have to talk to your date.

Warning: You could be stuck listening to movie critique for hours, and make sure you and your date have the same idea about staying or leaving for credits. 


Holiday festival of lights:

32nd Holiday Festival of Lights returning to James Island in November | WCIV

Where: James Island County Park

Cost: $15 Online or $20 at the Gate on a regular night or $25 Online or $30 at the Gate, free with the gold pass

Pros: A great chance to impress your date with your driving skills- slow and steady wins the race. For non-drivers, a train ride is a good idea. Again, the photo ops are endless. Plus, the S’mores make for a great snack and you can impress your date with your marshmallow-roasting skills. 

Cons: The chances of running into someone you know are very high, and if you don’t want to talk to your mom’s old friend from 2010 that you don’t recognize but wants to discuss all of your parent’s Facebook posts, wear a hat. 

Warning: You might have to make conversation with the person you’re with.


Attend a Christmas tree lighting:

Philadelphia kicks off holiday season with tree lighting at City Hall - WHYY

Cost: free

Pros: This belongs in a Hallmark movie, and it’s filled with Christmas cheer. It’s also excellent if you want to seem romantic but have negative dollars in your bank account. 

Cons: In addition to being filled with Christmas cheer, it is also filled with screaming children and I would not risk being around a 3-year-old up past their bedtime.

Warning: Short people get there early, it somehow seems like tall people always manage to be in the first row.


The results are still pending, but we hope we’ve helped some raptors find true love.

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