Dynamic Duos at AMHS

Who’s Your Other Half?

The Spongebob to my Patrick. The Shrek to my Donkey. A dynamic duo is defined as a pair of people who, when they work together, usually complete a task with great success due to their combined skills. I sent out a survey to all of the AMHS population in hopes of finding the best duos in the school. The following are some of the most dynamic of them all. Raptors, these are some of the famous pairs you sent in. 


Dr. Cassidy and Mr. Johnston

They are the ultimate calculus duo. These two can be seen plotting between classes and gossiping about who knows what. They’re probably talking about how bad you are at math or laughing at your quiz answers. Very funny but very intimidating.


Caleb Anderson and Miles Garrigan

As Caleb puts it, these two are “like Heisenburg and Jesse.” Caleb says Miles always knows how to cheer him up. Caleb told me, “once, instead of comforting me while crying, he just ripped my socks off.” What a great friend. These two can be seen frolicking around Hometeam BBQ. Ask them about the fried ribs.


Mr. McCormick and Mrs. Aydlette

All I can say about this one is rest in peace. The group costumes are missed greatly. 


Kristen McLeod and JB O’Neal

A dynamic soccer duo, these two are a package deal. They can always be seen rolling up to places with each other. Carpool!!!



Vishwa and Aaditya

I asked the most qualified person in the Vishwa department about this one: Lily Coulter. She feels very strongly about this subject. “I often get them confused in the hallway, and that’s just really awkward”. YEAH. When asked about their relationship, Vishwa said, “bro idk.” 



Cooper Mitchell and Alan Zhang

Cooper and Alan are like Pippin and Jordan. Spongebob and Patrick. They are very close and always finish each other’s sentences. Alan even named his dog after Cooper. Pretty sweet if you ask me.


Grayson Gregg and Jacob Burke

As an anonymous person who shall not be named puts it: “2 man?”



Lukey Sutherland and Ava Smoak

When asked about Ava, Lukey said, “I hate her.” Kinda rude. Ava says she thinks of Lukey as her brother.


Andrew Nichols and Willa Jones

Described as, “She my best friend yeah we not a couple”- Playboi Carti. It’s pretty all-encompassing of their relationship. They are like Carly and Spencer from iCarly. Willa is Spencer and Andrew is Carly.



Mr. Rush and Mr. Stackhouse

We all know and love them; these two are inseparable. From their love of sports to AP Psych, their bond is unbreakable. They are even seen as the favorites in AMHS Hunger Games (go check out that article) and are described as “fan favorites.”


Spence Cox and Alan Muthard

These two are like twin towers. They are almost inseparable.


Laura Robertson and Mary Blake Hand

Where there is Laura, there is Mary Blake. As Laura puts it, “Mary Blake is my other half.” AWWWWWW. Mary Blake says, “We always accidentally say the same things at the same time and wear the same things to school.”



Overall, all of the duos submitted were dynamic, but  these have the most dynamicity of all. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.