Jones Sisters Review: Brown Fox Coffee

Willa and Maris take on reviewing the popular Mount Pleasant coffee stop: Brown Fox Coffee


As students at AMHS, we know how crucial it is to start the day with a good cup of coffee. After staying up all night studying for a chemistry test, waking up at 5am to finish physics homework, or spending countless hours flipping through the APUSH textbook, the only thing that can make a full day as a Magnet student possible is caffeine. That’s why I, with the help of my colleague, have decided to take on the task of shining the spotlight on one of my own personal favorite coffee stops: Brown Fox Coffee. (This article is heavily inspired by Mary Blake’s recent article where she did an in-depth review of Orange Spot, which is linked here, so please read that if you haven’t already. And if you want to read other review articles, be sure to check out Boris and Turner’s article on fast food and Emily and Lily’s article on donuts.)


Brown Fox Coffee is located in central Mount Pleasant, right off of Coleman Boulevard. It neighbors Moultrie Middle School, so if you’re lucky you may see a gaggle of middle schoolers getting their caffeine fix. While its location makes it quite inconvenient for many of our students located in James Island, West Ashley, or Downtown, that does not mean it is not a spot that is worth checking out. 

The view of Moultrie Middle School from Brown Fox

The ambiance provided by Brown Fox is very nice. It is a completely outdoor setup, with chairs, benches, and tables covered by umbrellas for customers to sit and get some fresh air while enjoying their coffee. The aesthetic was also very consistent, with a theme of foxes spread all throughout the area. My favorite part of the Brown Fox aesthetic is their iconic mural, which was painted by local artist Jena Heaton (@jenaheatonart). They also have speakers where a good song is always playing. When we went, they were playing “Waterfall” by the Morningsiders. Notably, they had posters in the window advertising events where they would be serving their coffee. One poster that sparked my interest was for a morning yoga class with Brown Fox Coffee. Also, they had lots of cute merch on display. Stickers, mugs, shirts, hats, and bags of their coffee beans could all be purchased by customers so they can share their passion for Brown Fox with the world.










For our first day of reviews, Maris and I decided to order off of the “Foxy Specialties” menu. I ordered “The Biz”, which is an Americano with an extra shot of espresso, hazelnut syrup, and cream. Maris on the other hand ordered a “Foxy Chai Latte”, which is apparently a “foxy version of the spiced classic”. We both ordered our drinks hot and with tip the total was 10$. While $5 for a drink is a lot, the price competes very well with many other coffee shops—including Starbucks.

After we received our drinks and made our way towards school, we sat down to review. The first thing I said in my synopsis was, “This is jacked up with espresso”, which was very true. My small sized drink contained 3 whole shots of espresso! I followed up by saying, “Normally I like a stronger syrup flavor”.

Pullquote Photo

This is jacked up with espresso

— Willa Jones







I was very excited when I saw that there was hazelnut in this drink because that is a flavor I love to get in coffee. However, the hazelnut was not detectable in “The Biz”, which I was slightly disappointed about. Overall, I’d rate the drink that I got a 6/10. It was a bit too much caffeine for me, and did not taste as much like hazelnut as I wanted. Maris, on the other hand, had a great experience with her drink. Her first thought was that her “Foxy Chai” had, “a little something to it, in a good way”, and she elaborated on that by saying, “I don’t like cinnamon in my drinks and I thought this would be cinnamon-y, but it’s not!”

After the first day of reviews, we decided that we needed to come back for a second day.

What we ordered on day one were not our usual choices, so day two was going to be all about what WE wanted. Maris ordered a Pumpkin Chai off of the Fall Specials menu, while I ordered an iced salted caramel latte.

Let me just tell you, ordering this drink was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Coming into this morning, I knew how delectable the salted caramel latte was,  but my mind was STILL blown. This drink tasted as though it was blessed by angels before it was placed on the shelf and called out to me. And Maris’s experience with her pumpkin chai was nothing but perfect. She said that it was the best drink she had ever tasted. So learn from us that if you have a go-to drink, order that and not one of the classic drinks outlined on the main menu.

To conclude, I must implore you to visit this fine establishment. Not only do they offer a plethora of delicious drinks, but they have fresh-baked pastries available every day. Frequent pop-ups from other local businesses, such as Mabel Mae’s Bakery, The Biscuit Shed, and Little Peanut Pastries add to the appeal of making a stop by Brown Fox Coffee. This business is in the center of a flourishing part of Mount Pleasant, surrounded by countless other stores, restaurants, and events. It would be hard to find an excuse not to visit Brown Fox if you find yourself in this part of town.

Her first sip, but definitely not her last.
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