Meet The Girls Tennis Team!

Chloe Trowman (10) in the midst of an intense rally.

Even though our season just started, our favorite Raptors are already off to a great start. Led by their captains Maria and Mary Blake, the girls dominated in their matches against Hannahan and Philip Simmons. We are hopeful that this winning streak will continue for when they play Oceanside on September 7. The team looks strong this year with some returning favorites: Chloe Trowman (9th), Maria Cymbalyuk(12th), Dylan Geddis (12th), Moyu Yamaguchi(12th), Catie Gill (12th), and us, Mary Blake Hand and Laura Robertson. We also gained some new players who are definitely assets to the team: Cliffie Manuel (11th), Wren Allen (11th), Addy Utsey (11th), Chandler Grace Gheagan (12th), and Sophia Easterbrook(9th). Sophia is the only Freshman on the team, but she is one of our strongest players. She is a lefty with a western grip which gives her an insane spin. Sophia told us, “I was definitely nervous being the only freshman on the team, but I think it made me more comfortable going into Magnet. I like being on the team because there is a lot of team spirit and everyone gives great advice.” Chloe Trowman (10th) agrees with this statement and exclaimed that “the team gives me the perfect opportunity to meet girls my age.” The melting pot of new and returning players gives the girls’ tennis team their trademark enthusiasm. Avery Voelkel tells us, “the Magnet girls tennis team is the lifeblood of our school. Their dominant presence is undeniable.”

We also wanted to deliver an exciting update: we have a JV girls’ team for the first time in AMHS history. While the JV team is still a bit of a mystery, Lane Yarborough delivered us the inside scoop saying, “I have a lot of fun on the JV team and it is a great way to get to know some of the new freshmen.” We are eager to see what these girls have in store for us as the season progresses. Although this new JV team is posing some court space issues, they are definitely an exciting addition! I’ve observed them during their practice and I definitely spot some raw talent that will hopefully be developed in the years to come! Along with their skill, this team is very kind and hardworking. Very excited to watch them blossom this season!

The amhsgtennis reputation has lived far beyond just the class of 2023. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate our past lady raptors. The graduated class of 2022 has by far made the greatest impression on the values of our team: Anne Young, Lucy Manuel, and Francis Drake. These players have inspired us beyond words and composed the spirited team we are today.

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For years past, the girls’ team wore matching dark green tennis dresses. At the end of last season, they upgraded to a clean, new white-out look. As seen in this photo, the team looks fierce in their new uniforms and matching visors…I’d be afraid to play them. I would even say that these new cohesive uniforms furthers our unmatched team bonds. While other teams might have similar uniforms, no team will ever compare to the amhsgtennis spirit.

Along with our unmatched skills, we have a strong social media presence. From our prematch stories to our anticipated match recap posts, our Instagram continues to be the foundation of girls’ tennis. Lizzie Murray (12th) told us that the girl’s tennis Instagram account “inspires her every day to be the best version of herself.” Ellie Graham (12th) says “amhsgtennis does a great job at interacting with their fans. I don’t even play tennis but I feel like I’m a part of the team.” This is exactly what the Instagram account strives to do: give everyone a chance to be a part of our team. Emily Bryne (12th) also remarked, “the amhsgtennis insta is by far the best instagram of Magnet sports.” To say our Instagram is the best might cause some controversy, but we’ll take what we can get.  Along with our influence on the Academic Magnet’s student body, our Instagram has reached and inspired beyond just our school. Luca Tozzi, a senior at Porter Gaud, says, “The AMHS girls’ tennis team can prevail through any challenge that is brought forth against them, GO RAPTORS.” Be sure to follow us on Instagram @amhsgtennis for even more exciting content. We will be doing the ice bucket challenge as a team once we reach 500 followers so tell your friends to give us a follow as well. Best of luck to the tennis team in their season! #raptorsontop