Oscars 2022 Fashion Review

Who had the best and worst looks from the Oscar this year?


Although Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was the most talked about from this year’s Oscars, I am here to talk about my favorite and least favorite looks from the celebs. I will be giving my top 5 favorites and my top 5 least favorites just to keep it short and sweet.



Maya Rudolph in Valentino

2022 Oscars: The Best Dressed List From Hollywood's Biggest Night

I hate this. The hair, the dress, the color, the feathery accent, everything about this is tragic. I think that this ages her and is just not doing anything for her. It makes her look like a grandma of the Oscars and she does not deserve to be. I really do not know what the goal was with this dress, but whatever it was it backfired.


Jada Pinkett Smith in Jean Paul Gaultier

Another one I simply just dislike. I think Jada is gorgeous, but this dress is just eating her alive. It looks like literal seaweed. Her earrings and makeup are the only things that makes this relatively okay, but this is just flat-out bad. I do not like the shaping of it and how it is tight until her lower waist and then just puffs out beyond reality. I just feel like she could make anything beautiful, but this dress is pushing those limits.


Nicole Kidman in Giorgio Armani

There is genuinely not one redeeming quality of this whole look. The midriff poof is atrocious and I think the color washed her out poorly. I also dislike the hair and the red lip with this look. I usually like the red lip, but everything about this dress is just pale and the red lip is just so bold. It is such a large contrast that I just don’t feel like worked. I also think the piece of fabric in the back that is dragging is pointless and adds nothing to the look.


Jessie Buckley in Erdem

This is just so painfully boring. I always think award shows are a perfect opportunity to go big and do something a little funky, but this is just the plainest dress I have ever seen. The fact that there are no accessories just adds to this as well because I think that adding a necklace or bracelet could have maybe saved this, but there is just nothing. I also really hate the hair and how the color of her hair clashes with the color of the dress. I just think it’s bad.


Tracee Ellis Ross in Carolina Herrera

I was really disappointed with Tracee’s look. I almost always think she looks amazing and that she does something unique and fun, but this is terrible. I just think the shaping of it was made really poorly. The top of the dress is odd and uncomfortable looking and the bottom of the dress is peculiar with the way it poofs out in the middle of her thigh region. The length of this dress is also bad.



Zendaya in Valentino and Bvlgari Jewelry

Zendaya Wore a Crop Top on the 2022 Oscars Red Carpet | InStyle

Ugh, she killed this. I absolutely love the half and half look with the extravagant skirt with the more casual silk top and the jewelry is phenomenal. I know that some did not love this look, but I love it and I truly think she always looks amazing. I do not love her hair, but the makeup and jewelry and skirt and top duo absolutely killed it.


H.E.R in Carolina Herrera, Giuseppe Zanotti, Chopard jewelry, and Jennifer Behr hair accessories


The color, the shoes, the necklace, and the hair are all amazing. I think she looks gorgeous and I love that she always wears sunglasses as her signature. She just looks so cool and she literally always so so good. Everything about this look is stunning.


Lily James in Atelier Versace Couture

She looks like a princess in this look. The color is gorgeous and the way it is made with the pattern is absolutely amazing. She is beautiful and this dress just added to that. I think her hair looks pretty and her makeup is elegant as well. Nothing bad about this. I love.


Penélope Cruz in Chanel

I think she looks so good without doing too much. I think the neckline is very cool and unique and her hair and makeup compliment this dress so well. I feel like she really pulled off the more tomboyish dress with the pockets amazingly and the dark color without pizazz so good. This might be my favorite, she just did this so well.


Emilia Jones in Dolce and Gabbana

She looks stunning. The ombre, bedazzled dress with the cut in it is absolutely gorgeous. I love her hair with this and her makeup is simple, but also really pretty. The way this dress is a halter neck is also fantastic and very unique. I just think she looks so elegant. It is simply just beautiful.