Hats fly as 2014 graduates say goodbye

Magnets leave to seek futures at colleges all over the country


Although valedictorian, Nick Hoffman, has chosen MIT to pursue a career, salutatorian, Rachel Dawson,is going to Harvard, and Ethan Cohen – hailing at number three – is going to Princeton, many graduates have chosen to attend colleges in South Carolina. Thirty-nine are going to be Clemson Tigers, twenty-four have chosen to be Gamecocks at  the University of South Carolina, and eight will be College of Charleston Cougars. (Names listed at the end of this article) Nicolas Elrod, Delaney Robinson, and Jackson Carter will call Wofford home; Jesslyn Park, Josh Dasburg, Christina Knight and  Colin Frazier will attend Winthrop,;Ansley Ulmer and Brady Allardice will attend Furman; Alex Gilbert will attend Columbia College, and Frank Kordonis and Max-Toubiana will be getting their heads shaved to attend The Citadel.

The military is laying claim to five of our Magnet graduates: Sam Butler, Kate Hughes, and Peter Hogan received appointments to The United States Naval Academy;  Alex Lansink will attend the United States Air Force Academy and Dillon Schaaf will join his brother Jack (AMHS ’13) at West Point.

Claiming our sister state Georgia as their new home will be Dana Krzyaniak and Hunter Legerton at Georgia Tech, NicolaTirpak, Tyre Moore, and Chase Laudenslager at Mercer University, and Stephanie Smith at the University of Georgia. Not too far away in Gainesville, Florida will be Sam Book at the University of Florida.

Crossing the state line to North Carolina will be Kellen Datta,and Brandon Liu who will be attending Wake Forest; Harsh Sharma will be attending Duke;  Cara Pugh and Vivek Menon will attend The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Butler Mappus will attend Appalachian State.

Continuing up the eastern seaboard to Virginia will be Kristen Pheglar at Washington and Lee, Jordan Jenrette and Margaret Lang at Virginia Tech, Hannah Gourdie at William and Mary, and Prachi Varma and Mary Sullivan Beckley at the University of Virginia.  Nearby in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be Hunter Leckonby playing lacrosse at Chestnut Hill College and Morgan Clement at The University of the Arts.  At the University of Pittsburgh will be Alan Fan, and James Koval will be swimming for West Virginia University.

In our nation’s capital will be Gillian Frohnsdorff at American University and Paige Frasier, Lauren Gathers, and Kristi Dayemo at Howard University.

Braving the cold will be Kai Bauer at New York University, Brendon Frankel at Cornell, Carol Medina at Brown University, Connor Marshall at Boston College, Rigby Kelly at Lesley University, and Drew Atz at the Berkley College of Music.  Claiming the northernmost college will be Ayesha Sharma who will travel all the way to Maine to attend Bates College.

Choosing to go west will be Edward Leber at Texas A&M, and Josh McDermett at the University of Oklahoma. Choosing to matriculate in one of those square states will be Riley Michaelsen and Sierra Zardus at Utah State University and Cassie Howe at Brigham Young University. Zach Hilliard lays claim to the westernmost school, the University of California Santa Barbara.

Good luck to the Academic Magnet High School class of 2014!

Clemson University:  Nate Anderson, Alston Badger, Charlie Black, Olivia Carbonero, Irene Cheng,Daniel Christensen, Logan Chuy, Lauren Divinagracia, Tian Dong, Rachel Edwards, Jay Gervais, Gabrielle Giles, Kirk Heinold,Katelin Hills, Elizabeth Huey, Greylan Ingle, Justin Jones, Jacob Lairson, Alex Lanning, Helen McDowell, Kelsey McKenna, Jess Murden, John Murdy, Nick Norman, Ray Nugent, Hannah Ohlund,Anne Padgett, Tyler Rodgers, Mary Rumph, Molly Ryan, Arghya SamantaRay, Annmarie Sease, Rolanda Smalls, Matthew Stapleton, Christian Steen, Jeff Thomas, Thomas Trouche, Harrison Williams, and John Williams

College of Charleston: Seth Barry-Hinton, Maxx Bradley, Ashley Garrett, Hannah Manzi, Micah Norton, Sommer Peterman, Jewel Wilgus, and Nate Yungman

University of South Carolina: Mate Ablonczy, Alexis Benton, Jax Boucher, Sarah Darley, Emma Drobina, Burdell Fitzgerald, Durham Foster, Paige Gottesman, Ehtan Hanson, Callie Hartsell, Jimmy Hepburn, Katie Hogan, Joshua Leutz, Anna Miller, Duncan Nowling, Lucas Padgett, Tarver Paradise, Kristina Rackley, Marisa Romagnuolo, John Seibels, Christian Senf, Alexis Stewart, Laura Taylor, and Carey Winters