Prom 2015 Pictures (Part 2)

Selina Pi, Editor

Seniors, juniors, and their dates dressed in their sharpest attire this Saturday, April 25, for Prom at the South Carolina Aquarium. We’d all been apprehensive of rain, but fortunately, the weather cleared up in the afternoon before becoming stormy at night.

The theme this year was Mardi Gras Magic, faintly resembling Celebrate Magnet earlier in February.  Juniors Nate Schlosser and Sarah Hand were Prom Prince and Princess, respectively. Our Prom King was Vaibhav Mohanty. Prom Queen? There was a bit of controversy. Becca Bosch had the most votes but was not present at the time of the crowning, so the title went to Katie Kassouf. DJ William Pugh, junior, then played a slow dance number for king and queen, prince and princess, and other pairs on the dancefloor in front of the Great Ocean Tank. Other than the quadrouple-decker chocolate fountain, the highlight of the event was the live performances of Beach Ghost, a band including seniors Evan Camp, Matt Calonius, and Ben Sewell.

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