Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews: Will they ruin Patrick’s career?

What is Jackson Mahomes up to now?

After the Kansas City Chief’s most recent playoff run and loss against the Cincinnati Bengals, many Chiefs fans and just NFL fans in general are reflecting on Patrick Mahomes and his 2021-22 season, as well as the many controversies that have occurred within the Mahomes family during the season. Below is a recap of just a few of the controversies of Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews.

Relationship History:

For background, Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes are high school sweethearts, and they met at Whitehouse High School in Texas when Mahomes was a sophomore and Matthews was a junior. Above shows a candid photo of the happy couple.

In college, Brittany went on to play Division II soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler while Mahomes played Division I football and baseball at Texas Tech University. In the 2017 NFL draft, Mahomes was drafted in the first round to the Kansas City Chiefs. Brittany, on the other hand, did not move to Kansas City with Mahomes but rather went on to play professional soccer in Iceland for a season.

After one season in Iceland, Brittany moved to Kansas City to be with Mahomes, where she became a certified fitness trainer and social media influencer. In September 2020, Mahomes received a $500 million contract from the Chiefs over the course of 12 years, and later that month he proposed to Brittany Matthews.

Earlier that year, in February 2020, Mahomes won Super Bowl LIV with the Chiefs and in the same month the couple’s baby, Sterling Skye Mahomes, was born on February 20. Currently, Brittany and Patrick are still engaged, but it is rumored that they have set a wedding date in 2022.

Brittany Matthews Controversies:

Since moving to Kansas City with Mahomes, Brittany has been apart of many controversies, including her latest champagne scandal, in which Matthews was criticized for spraying the crowd below her with champagne during the  Chiefs’ divisional round win against the Bills. Many people are upset over this because it was under 20 degrees during this game and fans are shown to be visibly upset in the original video (picture shown above).

In response to the backlash, Matthews created “Team Brittany” shirts with plans to donate the proceeds to an anti-bullying charity in Kansas City. According to Matthews,  she wants to “turn this buzz into something good for the Kansas City community.” Even some fans still continue to support Brittany, with one tweeting, “Let’s spray some more champagne #TeamBritt.”

Besides this incident, Matthews is no stranger to public criticism. She is well known for her controversial tweets, and below I have attached a few of these tweets:

Jackson Mahomes:

The Mahomes family is no stranger to outside criticism. Jackson Mahomes, 21, who is Patrick’s little brother, has around 1 million followers on TikTok, and rose to popularity last year for his viral dance and thirst trap videos, which are very uncomfortable to watch. On his TikTok account, he is often seemed living a luxuriously with designer clothes and following the Chiefs around from game to game.

In October 2021, during a Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Football Team game at Fedex Field, where Washington was honoring their former safety Sean Taylor, who died in November 2007 after being shot during a robbery attempt, Mahomes was seen dancing on Taylor’s memorial (shown below). He later posted a video of him dancing on the memorial on his TikTok account, but was very quick to delete this video. The memorial was sectioned off with white rope, and at halftime Washington planned to retire Taylor’s jersey number.

Jackson Mahomes later tweeted an apology,

“I want to sincerely apologize for accidentally being on the Sean Taylor #21 at Fedex Field. We were directed to stand in that area and I meant absolutely no disrespect to him or his family.”

— Jackson Mahomes

But in my opinion this apology is pretty hard to believe, since the memorial was taped off and Jackson probably wanted to find a cool place to film a TikTok video.

In addition, only hours after after the Chiefs lost to the Bengals in the AFC Championship, Jackson was seen partying at a club with a girl on a mechanical bull (picture not shown), which shocked many fans.

In conclusion, even though Patrick Mahomes himself is definitely a likable and funny person, and you can clearly see his personality in the many commercials he has been featured in over the years, including my personal favorite State Farm commercials (shown below), his family members are definitely tarnishing his reputation.

Recently, many fans have turned away from the Chiefs, and the viral meme below perfectly explains both the Chief’s and Mahomes’ recent fan loss.

Although Patrick Mahomes cannot necessarily control the actions of his family members, he is still a huge public figure and celebrity that needs to figure out a way to decrease the social media presences of both his wife and brother in order to save his personal reputation.