The Best and Worst Day in Every Month

The annual dates that make a month good and bad.


There are 365 days in a year. Many of them fall into a category of monotonous work, to be forgotten forever. However, there are also those select days which, for better or worse, stand out. In this article, we will go through the best – and worse – day in each of the 12 months of the year.


Disclaimer: Some days are not exact ‘dates,’ but rather events which rotate on a yearly basis (ex: Thanksgiving being the 4th Thursday of November)



Best Day – January 1st

January 1st, the fresh scent of a new year. Excitement is in the air, resolutions begin, and thrill seekers polar bear plunge across America. The first of the year also offers a great day of college football with the New Year’s 6 bowl games kicking off.


Worst Day – The Second Day Back to School

Admittedly, the first day back to school is also pretty terrible. However, there’s always a slight excitement around school as you see friends for the first time in a few weeks and discuss what gifts you received for Christmas. By day two, this high has ended and the long haul towards spring break begins.



Best Day – Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is our first day without a ‘date.’ Although it moves around every year, Super Bowl Sunday never disappoints. The best game in the best sport, it takes the cake for February. 


Worst Day – February 29th (Leap Year)

It may be cool to have an extra day every once in a while, but leap year sucks. It throws everyone’s schedule off and just causes confusion. Also, you always have to hear about that one person whose cousin’s neighbor’s uncle was born on leap year in 1973 but is only 8 years old. Wow! No one asked.



Best Day – Day 1 of March Madness 

March is usually a drag of a month, particularly for Magnet students. However, we all love that one Friday midway through the month when the games tip off at 11:45 in the morning and everyone hides their phones behind their computers to watch.


Worst Day – March 13th

Friday the 13th of March 2020: the infamous final day of school before the Covid-19 pandemic ruined the fun. This day will forever haunt society. 



Best Day – Easter

Easter egg hunts, brunch, nice weather, and the start of spring break. Easter is always a great time of year with an awesome vibe and the first hint that summer is approaching. 


Worst Day – April 1st

April Fools is the worst day of April for that very reason: the jokes are so annoying.



Best Day – May 5th 

In addition to Cinco De Mayo, May 5th is a great day because it is the birthday of a very special someone: Mackay Collins. Mackay stands at 6’5” 220 pounds and is a senior at AMHS. He plays football, hockey, lacrosse, and has great range from behind the three-point line. 


Worst Day – May 4th 

“May the fourth be with you!” makes me cringe like none other. 



Best Day – June 11th

“On June 11 he flew from heaven.” This day doesn’t really need an explanation, but for those living under a rock, this is the birthday of yours truly. A truly spectacular day every year.


Worst Day – June 12th

Of course, that would make June 12th the worst day because we all have to wait 364 days until we can celebrate my birthday again.



Best Day – 4th of July

Patriotic or not, the 4th of July is always a fun day. It’s the peak of summer, and watching fireworks light up the sky never gets old.


Worst Day – July 17th

I couldn’t think of a bad day in July, so I had to do some research. What I came across was an atrocious holiday that falls on the 17th of the month. The celebration? World Emoji Day. Why on Earth that exists I do not know.



Best Day – August 3rd

Why August third? Because it’s Tom Brady’s birthday, of course! It’s impossible to leave off the birthday of the greatest NFL player of all time.  


Worst Day – First Day of School

For January, I made the argument that the second day back from Christmas break is worse than the first day back. For summer, however, this is not the case. Driving to school on that dreary August morning, you’re exhausted from the early wake up and shell shocked that your summer is really over. It is probably the most brutal morning of the entire year. 



Best Day – Labor Day

After a grueling first few weeks of school, the three day weekend provided by Labor Day is always a nice time to detox. 


Worst Day – September 11th

In all seriousness, no explanation needed for this one.



Best Day – Halloween

Candy, costumes, parties—Halloween never disappoints.


Worst Day – October 23rd

Once again, I had to resort to google as I couldn’t think of a notably terrible day in October. Unfortunately, I stumbled across perhaps the dumbest holiday I’ve ever heard of: National Mole Day. A celebratory day for a rodent? You can’t be serious.



Best Day – Thanksgiving

Family, great food, no school, and NFL football. If every day was like Thanksgiving, it would be hard to complain. 


Worst Day – The Final Day of Raptor Football

Sometime in early November, the beloved AMHS football team’s season comes to a close. It’s always a sad time, as we must wait another 9 months until we get to take the field and compete again. Worse, the seniors must cope with the fact that this is the last time they’ll ever step on the gridiron.



Best Day – Christmas

I don’t even need to expound upon why Christmas is the best day in December. Better yet, it’s arguably the best day of the entire year. 


Worst Day – December 1st

December 1st is always a tough reality check. Admittedly, it’s exciting to finally enter the month of December and hear Christmas music begin playing on the radio. However, when you check the calendar and realize that you still have another three weeks of school, it feels as if Christmas break will never arrive.