New Year’s Resolutions: To make or not to make?

That is the question

Unobtainable New Year’s Resolutions. We have all made them. The new year rolls around, and all of the sudden everyone is hyper focused on fitness and mental health. This tradition originated 4,000 years ago with the Babylonians, and now we all have to feel pressured to go to the gym during January. The sad truth is most of these resolutions don’t work. Only 16% of people end up carrying on with their resolutions. According to Forbes, it still is worth making them as they have a positive effect.

runner girls!

Though many are quick to hop on the resolution train, I was reluctant. Is it really worth making resolutions this year? I have made countless empty promises to myself in the past and never kept up with them. Though I have had many failed resolutions, my 2021 resolution was the only one I kept. As for the actual goal? It was simply “run.” I did complete this by joining the track and cross country team that year. If you look past all the water and walking breaks, technically I did fulfill my goal.

It is easy to imagine a perfect life once you complete your goal. I imagined going on morning runs, lululemon athletic gear, and being super athletic. The fact of the matter is that is not what happened at all. I severely underestimated how difficult it is. Instead, it was more sore muscles, being sweaty, and running at 9 pm because you feel like it and then regretting it once you’re actually running. So even though my resolution wasn’t all that I expected it to be, I would have to say its worth it. I ended up having a lot of fun and running was good for me.

So the question still stands, what is my next resolution? I turned to my peers for some help, and they offered their own resolutions this year. One resolution was “get more money.” Short, simple, to the point. A lot of people wanted to read more, with one person making a goal to read more than 50 books this year. Another said they wanted to “do research work within the week its due,” which I wish them the best of luck on. Self care was another popular topic, with methods of journaling and meditation being popular. InĂ©s Carrillo said she wanted to “not be embarrassed of things I like.” I thought this was a great resolution, and in solidarity I have decided to fess up that I like country music. Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert is just too much of a banger. Finally, my favorite resolution from Mabry Wise, “take no crap give no crap.” A modern rendition to the golden rule. She explained to me her resolution has three pillars, including blunt honesty, not wasting time, and not caring what other people think. Maddie Vitalis agreed with this sentiment, saying her’s was to “not care about what other people think and do what makes me happy.” She also said “I’m gonna die, so experiences over everything else.”

After reviewing everyone’s resolutions, I decided to make focus mine on self care. I want to keep my room cleaner, journal and read more, and meditate if I feel I need it. Keeping in mind how often resolutions fail, I wanted to make mine pretty broad so I could keep it. I also didn’t want to put a certain number on things (like journal 5 times a week, meditate for 15 min every day) so I would actually keep it. I feel like you have to make your resolutions reasonable, and I knew I definitely would not be setting up a 15 minute timer to meditate in the morning.

To end this article, I have a list of potential New Years Resolutions for our dear Talon Readers to try. I hope I have inspired you to either make your own resolutions or choose one from the list.

  1. Be honest at all times
  2. Don’t care what other people think of you
  3. Run!
  4. Practice self care
  5. Keep a journal
  6. Read books
  7. Eat mindfully
  8. Do more fun family activities (movie night, beach walks, etc)
  9. Cut back on spending habits and shopping
  10. Choose a new hobby (painting, drawing, speed walking, pottery, fishing, the possibilities are endless!)
  11. Give one compliment a day
  12. Practice mindfulness
  13. Cut down on screen time
  14. Delete social media (one at a time)
  15. Give up drinking or smoking
  16. Drink more water
  17. Try to sleep 8+ hours each night
  18. Prioritize “mental fitness.” Practice brain puzzles each day!
  19. Take a class (outside of school) you’re interested in. Could be fitness, cooking, art, etc.
  20. Go somewhere new. Save up and travel with your friends.
  21. Keep your room/desk/car clean
  22. Try to use less plastic
  23. Waste less food
  24. Cook more, stop eating takeout as much
  25. Volunteer, give back to the community.
  26. Donate old clothes or things you don’t need
  27. Stop being a perfectionist
  28. Be more organized (use a planner, make a to do list)