Reviewing Drip Season 4

The review of Gunna’s newest album

Reviewing Drip Season 4

Atlanta rapper, Gunna, has released his long awaited fourth iteration to his extremely popular Drip Season mixtapes. The anticipation for this project has only increased following his promotional leaks of songs from the project. He is most well known for his smooth flow in combination with well produced beats. He burst into mainstream attention following the release of his album, Drip Harder, which was in joint production by fellow Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby. Each album(except for Wunna) that he has released has had some variation of Drip in the title. Gunna is well known for his collection of “drip” which includes expensive clothes, watches, and shoes which he often posts on his instagram.

Before I review the album, it is important that the phrase “Pushin P” is defined, as it is used often by Gunna and those who feature on the album. During an Instagram live with fans, Gunna explained, “They talking about what’s tea? Nah, what’s P. I took out a PPP loan for this. Okay, I’m pushing P-P-P-P-P. You feel me.”

“You gotta Push P. So this is Pushin P, when you backyard and the inside and outside, that’s P. You pushing P,” he continued.

He later added:

“When you go to rent in these things, you Kickin P. When you go to on the Catch and spending your hard-earned, you Pushin P. P don’t just mean Playa, P also mean paper too. You could be pushing this P with paper too.”

Now that it is understood what this phrase can mean, we can continue to the review of the album.For this review I will outline the songs that are a must listen on the album and then will give my rating of the album as a whole.


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1. Pushin P (ft. Young Thug)-

This song is the first mention of the now popular Pushin P phrase. Young Thug, an artist who Gunna often collaborates with, is very lively with his flows and delivers a memorable performance because of his interesting lyrics. They complement each other nicely on this song, often switching to the other artist after every bar.

2. poochie gown-

For me, this is a top 2 song on the album. The beat from producer, Southside, is great and allows Gunna to fully display his well renowned flow. In his first verse, Gunna continues his beef with fellow rapper, Freddie Gibbs. Overall, this song is very enjoyable and I would recommend it be played in the car.

3. Mop (ft. Young Thug)-

The second song in the album to feature Young Thug. In this song, his flow more closely resembles that of a lot of his other work. Once again, Gunna’s flow is smooth. However, during the chorus both Thug and Gunna’s flow is fairly simple and slightly annoying. It is still a good song, but is a little bit worse than Pushin P.

4. thought i was playing (ft. 21 Savage)-

The beat for this song is very unique and I like how it contrasts the dark tone of 21 Savage. His verse is one which is fairly common for a 21 Savage feature but is still great as always. While listening the song goes by very fast as each artist moves fast across the similarly fast paced beat.

5. P Power (ft. Drake)- I cannot speak much about the beat in this article due to the sample that was used. However, disregarding the beat, this may be the best song because of the performance of each artist. Also, the beat without the sample is honestly incredible. The trumpets and drums combine to create something special. Purely based on the sound without focusing on the vulgar lyrics  and sample it is the best. I would recommend to listen to this alone in the car only. The beat suits Drake incredibly well.

6. South to West- Similar to poochie gown, this song shows how Gunna can easily carry a song without a feature. I think this song may age similar to Outstanding, another great solo song from Drip or Drown 2.

7. 25k Jacket (ft. Lil Baby)- This is probably my personal favorite from this album. As always, Gunna and Lil Baby collaborate for a great song. The beat is very unique and both artists sound great on it.

Honorable Mention. Too Easy (ft. Future)- One of the most hyped snippets in recent history. When it finally released it lost some of its hype, but it is still a great song.

Final Rating-


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