2022 Predictions

What crazy things will happen this year?


As we all know, the last couple of years have been pretty crazy. I am feeling hopeful for 2022, but that could just be because I am graduating this year and everyone wants their senior year to be the best. Since the year just started, I thought that I would see what students predict for this year.

Student Predictions

Ty Osmond (11) thinks that “there will be another banger marvel movie but all the other movies will be bad.” He also believes that “the VR industry will kick off and more people will be using VR.” One of his predictions which I found to be the most interesting is that “there will be a big scare where people will simultaneously realize that Facebook is too big of a company with too much control and some sort of drama will happen.” Also he predicts “that there will be more of a recession economically.”

Talia Barsness (9) thinks that “covid will get worse before it gets better and electric cars will become more popular and affordable.”

Marshall Fleming (12) predicts that “Covid will hopefully clear up. Its gonna be a really hot summer too. Elon Musk’s brainchip is going to give people crazy powers. That dude sent a tweet with one and it was pretty cool.”

William Hyatt (12) predicts “that Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl again and that The Batman is the best movie of 2022.”

Leo Li (11) simply predicts that there will be “Covid part 2.”

Lucas Oppelt (9) predicts that “Covid will not end this year, especially in America. Omnicron will die down, restrictions will be lifted, and then another variant will hit. I do think that the pandemic will start to wave toward the end of the year, but a large part of the population will still be unvaccinated unless something happen[s] to cause them to. I think the year will bring new technology to limit emissions with the new promises made at the recent convention, and a large part of the US will be using alternative energy in the next few years. ”

Thomas Martin (10) believes that “World War 3” will happen in 2022. Well, personally I really hope that this does not happen.

Mateu Bordas (11) predicts “COVID will probably spike again. defter the omega variant there will probably be a new one after that, but it may die down a bit by next year. There will probably be some lesser known marvel movies that aren’t main ones and a few historical war movies with Matt Damon for some reason. Jeremy Clarkson I think retired so no more shows from him. summer will probably be extremely hot again. more than last year. and this winter will be short but it’ll stay cold later because of global warming. which im sure the government will come up with big long term plans to address it to make people feel better, but they won’t move on it at all. Trump will find more excuses to retake office and a lot more chaos. apple will probably come out with 3 new phone models with one more camera each time and slightly adjusted size. and rich idiots will buy them. nothing much is gonna change with humankind.”

Satine Storer (9) says that “the new Spider-man Across the Spider-Verse is going to come out which is gonna be sick.” Satine is “very excited for that” and as someone who is getting more and more into Marvel, I am too. Additionally, Satine says “I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be a new season of Outer Banks coming out which I’m sure lots of people will be excited about. I know the new Harry Potter reunion thing came out on the 1st. I think people will watch that; I haven’t yet but I want to. New Stranger Things season hopefully as well.” As far as technology goes, “iPhone 14 will drop which will probably be pretty similar to the one before it as almost every new iPhone is. You never know, maybe Apple will add another camera lens.” This summer we will “experience some record breaking heat waves around the world due to global warming.” Satine thinks “COVID-19 will continue on, but I think (and hope) cases will go down.” I hope they go down too. Additionally, Satine thinks “we will probably experience our yearly California wildfires” and “someone will announce they’re running for president toward the end of the year even though the election is still awhile away.” Satine hopes to “get [their] drivers license and pass the test” and “become a better driver because [they’re] not too good at it right now.” Good luck! My biggest tip is to take your drivers test with a driving school rather than at the DMV. Driving instructors are a lot less strict.

Anna Leigh Tangeman (12) thinks “it is going to snow here in February” Anna Leigh wants you to know that “this is based off of no meteorological knowledge whatsoever, just manifesting.”

Hailey Taylor (9) generally thinks “Covid-19 will be here to stay this year, whether or not there is mask mandates or organizations shut down, we’ll definitely be dealing with covid and all the new strands that may emerge. I think a lot of this year will have to do with finding more vaccination options and figuring out the proper way to run schools and businesses while covid is around. I do also think, however, that this year will just be a continuation of the pricing issues that followed quarantine.”

Caleb Anderson (11) thinks that “First off the queen is gonna die, she gots to go. Out with the old and in with the new. Travis Scott will lose one of the lawsuits and quit making music, Kanye does something stupid, Antonio Brown starts playing for the Jaguars, Kyrie Irving gets kicked off the nets again but returns also again, we will go into another lockdown sometime either late February or early march, the Tyler the creator concert will be canceled, and global warming will give us one of the hottest summers we’ve had yet with record breaking temps.”

Lilly Sturm (9) predicts that “Trisha Paytas will go morman.”

Anya Podolsky (9) predicts that “the queen dies, donald trump files for bankruptcy and melania leaves him, andrew garfield wins best actor oscar, trisha paytes says she is muslim in time for ramadan, hurricane fiona destroys texas.”

Noah Johnson (11) believes that “the weather is gonna be bipolar as usual, Corona’s still gonna be a thing for the year (but I don’t think masks will stay mandatory) cuz why not, uhh… oh yeah the water fountains got fixed so people will be more hydrated at school, andddd hmm idk ig that’s about it.”

Predictions for the School Year

Ty Osmond believes that “covid will get worse before it gets better, but soon I think that everybody will say that we should go back on lockdown where we can’t go to school, but nobody is going to go back because we’ll remember how hard it was.” And then “lots of people are going to get [covid].”

Talia Barness says that “other schools are shutting down because of covid and I think we might have to for a couple of weeks.”

Marshall Fleming says “hopefully we can end the year maskless. I am not really sure about what’s going to happen next.”

William Hyatt believes that “the basketball team will make the playoffs for the first time in 3 years.”

Leo Li thinks that this year he will “flunk out.” I understand the temptation to flunk out, but you’re almost there. Just got to make it through another year and a half!

Lucas Oppelt stated that “probably not much” will happen this year in school.

Mateu Bordas thinks that the “mask mandate will go on and off and [he’ll] make between bad and mediocre grades.”

Satine Storer thinks “at the end of the year freshmen will be scrambling to get community service hours.” As a mentor who knows freshmen pretty well, I also think this will happen. Also “semi-formal, candy-grams or something like that for Valentine’s, spring break, [and] the Keys trip for some freshmen” will happen.

Hailey Taylor thinks “right now regardless of this year or last year, a big part of this school year is getting over everything quarantine wise and getting back into the proper routine of school and work. Covid really took a toll on many people, that being students, teachers, parents, and anyone else, no matter if they or someone they know really got sick with it, mainly because of the momentary virtual outbreak and the now readjustment to in-person school attendance. I also think a lot of people will be stressed beyond belief, if we aren’t already that is.” As a senior, I know that I am already stressed, but I hope for you underclassmen it doesn’t get too bad yet!

Caleb Anderson predicts “another lockdown, mask mandates start[ing] huge arguments, online school mak[ing] everyone’s grades go up.” I like the optimism about everyone’s grades going up!

Lilly Sturm is hopeful and believes “Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away. Covid-19 will go away.”

Anya Podolsky simply stated “school” will happen this school year.

Noah Johnson predicts that “someone will fiNally beat the seNiors on wall day (hint hint).” Hmm Noah, from a senior standpoint I don’t think your prediction will come true, but you can keep dreaming about winning.

Anonymous Student Predictions

One student believes that “the Queen will probably die.” Considering that Queen Elizabeth is turning 96 in 2022, this is a fair prediction. What do they think will happen in school this year? That the school will “probably have more sewage issues.” Considering what has happened in the past, I agree that sewage issues will most likely continue.

Another student said that they are “going to win the lottery or something of that sort.” I like their thinking. Additionally, they believe “Covid-19 is going to get worse and we will go online again, but then it will get better by summer,” which I agree with. This student thinks that “the weather is going to go through something crazy, like snow, hopefully.” They also think “there will be a hurricane that says its going to be a bad one, but then turns out to just be a category 1, like it has in the past.” Anonymous student #2 ended off with “I think there are going to be a lot of things that seem bad this year, but then turn out to be good.” I like this positive thinking.

Anonymous student #3 believes that this year we will have “another quarantine, new marvel movies, new wireless earbuds.” Like other students have said, they think that in school there will be “another sewage problem.”

An anonymous freshman says that “hopefully, the cases of covid begin to lower (fingers crossed, knock on wood).” I also have my fingers crossed. This freshman also thinks that there will be “more fun freshmen activity,” and I can assure you that the school will probably plan more for y’all if Covid allows.

An anonymous junior says “Grayson Gregg has been on his grind for many years, now is the time where [he] becomes the modern day Sol Campbell, or even Marcel Desailly. He will be an absolute beast and carry AMHS Varsity Soccer to a state championship.” And this school year “aliens will renovate the school so there will be floating cars, UFOs and Alien machines at the school building.” These aliens “will create the great pyramid of magnet.” I’m very interested in this prediction and would love to hear more.

A sophomore (who I have decided to make anonymous) said “I will date Elaina Seymour.”

An anonymous upperclassmen believes “Spring spirit week will be the end of all magnet spirit weeks because the freshmen will once again gaslight admin.”







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