Why LeBron James is Overrated

A Biased Review of “The King”


This article is extremely biased . Enjoy at your own leisure.

LeBron James is a 4-time world champion and 4 time NBA MVP along with many other accolades throughout his 19 year NBA career. While there is no denying that Lebron is a top-three player to ever play basketball, I do not think he is the best to ever do it. In this article, I will go into depth about some of the “King’s” flaws that put him below players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. 

Self-Proclaimed “GOAT”

A huge factor in sports and basketball is confidence. While all athletes gain confidence throughout their careers, sometimes their confidence turns into straight cockiness. LeBron is no exception as he once called himself the greatest player of all time on his own TV show, as his yes men behind him all agreed. But why would he do that? Why does he feel the need to self-proclaim himself the “GOAT” (greatest of all time)? Many NBA players and Owners were confused as to why he would say that even while his career isn’t over. It isn’t the job of LeBron, but that of other players and fans to give LeBron that title. It’s LeBron’s job to let his game do the talking. That’s what players like Jordan before him did, as Scottie Pippen, Jordan’s longtime teammate, defended Michael saying that he never heard him ever proclaim himself as the GOAT. I think it’s a mindset thing that sets LeBron apart from other players and that creates so much controversy about the GOAT talk. LeBron’s ego will always be a factor that holds back his “greatness”. He’s too focussed on his image instead of trying not to lose in the first round of the playoffs every other year with a super team that he whined about to acquire. 



After going from Cleveland to Miami, back to Cleveland, and finally to the Lakers in search of a better team, LeBron still whines about the lack of “playmakers” and weapons he is given to work with. This is all coming from the dude who recruits and builds his own superteams just to end up dissing every player on the team. It’s funny how hypocritical someone can be as LeBron isn’t the best teammate as he’s a lazy player, doesn’t play defense most of the time (which I will cover), and sits out many games throughout the season because he’s soft. While many argue that LeBron’s initial Cleveland team that he carried to the playoffs and some of his other superteams had “nobodies” on the roster, that’s simply not true and is the typical biased LeBrainWashed fan opinion. But even on those early Cleveland teams, LeBron had great teammates such as Ben Wallace, Mo Williams and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Let’s not even forget LeBron’s Miami teams which had Hall of Famers Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade right next to him, and Ray Allen and a prime Mario Chalmers to clean up LeBaby’s mess. But even with all these weapons, this SUPERTEAM still lost to a pathetic Dallas Mavericks team in the 2011 Finals. Other than Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron really was sent home by JJ Barea and actual nobodies. And then there’s LeBron’s superteam in Cleveland for his return which consisted of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, both some of the top players at the time. Yes, they did play a superteam in Golden State multiple years in a row, but they had a superteam of their own. And after getting run out of the finals by LeBron’s father, Kevin Durant, LeBron packed his bags leaving Cleveland in ruins again for the second time, and went to the Lakers. LeTraveler has been a Laker the past couple of years and did actually find success as he won a “Mickey Mouse Ring” in Orlando for the covid NBA finals in 2020. If you thought the 2011 Mavericks were an easy opponent, LeBron, and his superteam beat arguably the worst finals opponent in NBA history (2020 Miami Heat) in the most unorthodox conditions due to the NBA bubble that isolated players from the outside world. Now in the 2020-2021 NBA season, for the second time, LeBron’s Lakers that he so desperately cried to build had their season cut short as they barely made the playoffs and then were eliminated in the first round. Michael Jordan didn’t go 6 for 6 in the NBA Finals just to get out in the first rounds of the playoffs the next year. This offseason, LeBron has recruited Russell WestBrick from the Rockets. Another very overrated player whose name speaks for himself. I guess we will see how this superteam consisting of WestBrick, Anthony Davis, and the “King” does this year after a humiliating loss to Devin Booker and Jay Crowder in the first round of the playoffs last year. 


I’ve covered everything from LeBron’s attitude to his superteams that somehow hold him back. Now it’s time to analyze LeBum’s court play which can be stellar at times and other times it seems like he’s not even there. LeBron is the most overrated and overhyped defender in the NBA. Yeah, he gets the occasional chase-down block. But what about the rest of the game where he loafs around and even at times has been pushed by younger teammates to step up and defend. While on the Cavaliers for the second time,  LeBron averaged 0.0 defensive win shares meaning he has zero defensive impact that lead to a Cleveland win. LeBron does average some of the most minutes per game in the NBA even as an older veteran which may have an effect on his effort. But even then, you would think that he would have enough effort to defend as he sits out so many games in the season because he’s lazy. Don’t even get me started on justifying LeBron and his many absences during the regular season as LeBron has been known to half-a** his efforts to save himself for the playoffs. I guess he doesn’t sit out enough because he’s been eliminated two out of the last three years in the first round while in LA. During the era of Michael Jordan, technology was as advanced, players’ health care wasn’t as good, and the NBA wasn’t as soft. Jordan never sat out a game because he felt tired or “needed rest.” Jordan’s 6 for 6 NBA championships are even more impressive when you consider he played every regular-season game every year.  


There’s no arguing LeBron can score at will sometimes but other times his offensive abilities seem questionable. A quick glance past the smoke and mirrors and any casual NBA should realize that LeBron really has no “bag.” As in he has no special moves or skills that set his basketball IQ or abilities apart from other players in the NBA. He’s big and athletic. He uses his size, speed, and the bias of the refs to exploit the game and get away with fouls that normal players are unable to. His only signature move is a pull-up three that he barely makes a third of the time. Every time the King drives to the hole, he extends his forearm pushing off the helpless defender allowing for a wide-open layup. Since when has a stiff arm been allowed in the NBA? I thought this was basketball, not football. But of course, because he’s “the King,” he does what he wants in the eyes of the terrible NBA refs. 

If LeBron James is your GOAT, so be it. But the next time you decide to watch the almighty LeBron, be cognizant of how he plays and take off the bias and realize that you are watching a player that will never reach the accolades, respect, and mindset of Michael of the “True Goat.” Michael Jordan.