Top 10 Snapchat Filters

Ranking the Top 10 Current Snapchat Filters


Snapchat is possibly the most popular app for high school students. One of the most popular features being the filters which can be used within the app. Everyone who has snapchat will  occasionally look through the many filters which snapchat creates. To create this list, Boris Pekar(Junior)  sent  me his five favorite filters for me to consider in my top ten list. The I selected  my five favorite in to find which filters are worthy of the top 10.

10. This was the last choice of the five filters which Boris sent me. If you are looking for a filter which will offer great comedic  value, this is the one for you. I know many of you have always dreamed of  having a wolf face, so here you go.







9. The Homer Simpson filter is impeccable work by the Snapchat developers. I selected this filter to my top five while at the gym, and just taking this picture drove me to work harder. In all seriousness, this is another funny filter which you could send to a group chat.






8. This filter is much more serious. It uses a beauty filter to hide your flaws from whomever you may send it to. This filter will guarantee a date if you send it to your crush. Boris often gets dates simply because he sends them pictures like this.









7. This filter is great if you are having a bad day and you need to pass off as happy. How could you not want to show off a great smile like the one provided by Snapchat. It is a little lower on the list because some may consider it to be creepy.









6. This is a great filter for all the Lightning McQueen fans out there. It perfectly balances the comedy of a Car with legs who is also dabbing, with the seriousness of a nice pair of glasses.






5. This is very similar to the previous filter, however I believe it slightly edges it out because it is a little more funny. Although the DaBaby Car meme is dead, it will forever be immortalized with this filter.











4.The Baby Beard combo is a classic Snapchat filter. Mainly it is just a funny filter which you take of your friends for a laugh. But, I would argue it is a very versatile filter as you are able to see what you look like as a child and what you would look like with a full beard. When Lilly Claypoole was asked by Boris Pekar whether Mackay Collins was a cutie (he showed her this image), she responded “he cute, or whateva. I wish Gray had a beard like that” without a second of hesitation. This goes to show how truly powerful this snapchat filter is.






3. The girl filter is another classic filter on Snapchat.  For many guys, like Cooper Mitchell, it has been a dream to see what they would look like as a girl. It may have been ranked even higher if they were able to better simulate the hair of girl. However, it will always deserve a top spot on my list.




Cooper Mitchell(Junior) as a girl.








2.  The baby filter is a classic. As Boris Pekar said, “Im Baby.” With this filter, he is in fact, a baby. It will always be in the top 3 no matter what other filters Snapchat adds. It will always be funny and can be used on anyone. The developers perfectly created the filter to perfectly resemble the face of an infant. The small touch of the pacifier is incredible. Overall just an impeccable filter.








Now for the moment you all have been desperately waiting for. The undeniable number 1 filter of all time is…


1. The Dog Filter. As Boris said, “ The doggy filter is an excellent display of augmented reality with a hint of realism, which is bound to attract any female.” While I am not sure whether that last part is true, it truly is a masterful creation. I believe it may be the filter which has remained a featured filter for the longest amount of time. This is of course with good cause because of its extensive popularity  and impact on society as a whole. When someone thinks of Snapchat, they most likely picture the dog filter.


I hope this article offers some insight into which filter you should use next on Snapchat. Many have much to offer because of their versatility. Also, I would like to thank Boris for his collaboration for this article. If you wish to contact him through snapchat, you may reach him @dr.suessgod.