The End of an Era

Goodbye AMHS Girls Tennis.


As October comes to a close, girls tennis does as well. And let me say, this is a very sad goodbye.

Chloe Trowman (’25) warming up for a tough match against Philip Simmons.

If you are a member of this sports team at Magnet (shoutout!) I think you would agree. Coming into this season, we had a new coach, some intense tryouts, and no idea about all that was about to enfold. Very dramatic. Starting off strong, we were led by Senior Francis Drake and Junior Maria Cymbaluk. Then came the notorious match against Bishop England. Although we did not come through with a win, we did come back ready for our next match up with them. Unfortunately we lost this one as well, but our #1 on the line up Francis Drake did come out on top.

On a day to day basis, the team can be seen practicing directly alongside AMHS Raptors Football. To this point, Dylan Geddis (’23) once promptly stood up for her teammate Chloe using certain expletives in response to Chloe’s name being chanted by a certain sophomore football player. If that doesn’t speak to sisterhood I don’t know what does. There was also the day Maria came to practice rocking a new haircut, cutting off 12 inches on a just-your-average Wednesday night. I’m using this platform now to give major props to her, as I could never do that.

In addition to this, Francis wins the checking the radar superlative. Not only does she have the more superior weather app than Apple’s “Weather” application, but her in-depth analysis of when the rain forecast would reach North Charleston at a certain time sent many a joyous text that practice would be cancelled. Thank you.

Sometimes Google Maps makes people upset.

As mentioned in my first article, “Meet the 2021 Girls Tennis Team,” another addition this year was the team Instagram, @amhsgtennis. Although there was an initial rivalry with @raptorsvolleyball, we ended up agreeing to disagree about certain things, and now you may see both accounts advertising the other’s team. For our second round playoff match against Waccamaw, volleyballer Regan Brown actually came out and supported to the very end. Thank you Regan. Nevertheless, all tennis team members had access to the account, the only rule being you can’t take down what somebody else put up. On our Instagram profile, the fruits of the Group Me meme function can be seen as well (and also seen to the left). Also on our Instagram the other day, team member Anne Young (’22) and I spotted a real life raptor, my first sighting of our school mascot on our campus, perched on the tennis court fence. For the record we are the only AMHS sport team Instagram that has captured such a phenomenon.

Beyond Monday conditioning, where we can be seen running around the bus loop showing the cross country teams how it’s done, our favorite way to spend practice could include playing Touch The Fence, also known as TTF. To play this game you need tough skin. There is no mercy. Our captains Maria and Francis are especially known for being vicious. Maybe that’s why they’re captains.

In the earlier part of the season, we realized something was missing from our practices. We needed a speaker. Thank you Kaia Gerber (’25) for eventually providing this, even though it lacked a battery at times. In the creation of a CCSD friendly playlist, you could have heard “Promiscuous” by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland, and then “Layla” by Derek and The Dominos. And we don’t really like to mix it up. These songs could be heard every practice, maybe twice every practice.

Originally “Anne” themed, the seniors would really like to thank the underclassmen for the lovely senior night festivities you allĀ  pulled off.

The seniors, Anne, Lucy, & Francis. Ft. Mr. Cosgrove to the far right.

Recipients of hand-made posters, TWO bouquets, and the infamous icing heavy Cupcakes Down South – we are eternally grateful. And we know Mr. Cosgrove, a loyal tennis team supporter, enjoyed Maria’s French chocolates.

After winning the first round of the 3A State Playoffs, by defeating Manning High School, the AMHS Girls Tennis Team played Waccamaw this past Tuesday, October 26th, at Waccamaw. Although it was a very close match, we lost 3-4, there were many tiebreakers in play and everyone really gave it their all. It was a 4 1/2 hour endeavor.

Many thanks to all of the girls on this team for an unforgettable season and I hope this article does the 2021 team justice. And to new prospects, please come tryout next season; you won’t regret it!