Ranking Places to Eat Lunch at School


For many Magnet students, lunch is much more than just a time to eat. It’s a Magnet student’s 45 min checkpoint that marks three out of four classes being over with. Students can talk to their friends without being restrained by classroom seating and rules and have plenty of time to enjoy their food. Although lunch is almost always enjoyable, the best place to eat is up for debate. Here are all the places a student can eat lunch ranked from worst to best:

9. Bathroom

The bathroom is a place for many things: personal hygiene, toilet use, talking to friends during a passing period, crying, and more. Eating is not typically one of them. As shown by every stereotypical high school movie ever made, eating lunch in the bathroom is depressing to say the least. If someone is eating in the bathroom, let it be known that there are always kind Magnet students willing to make room for a new friend at their lunch table.

8. Building 7

For those who are new to magnet, building 7 is the main building that encompasses almost every classroom at magnet. There are many seats that line the hallways that some choose to spend their time eating lunch on. While this can be a quiet and relaxing place to eat, the large area of the hallway combined with the awkwardness caused by passerby leaves much desired as a lunch spot.





7. Gym lobby

The gym lobby has recently become a viable lunch spot because of social distancing in the cafeteria which leaves less room. It has the luxury of being indoors and is close to the courtyard. The largest downside is the lack of seating. Students are often forced to sit on the floor which can be uncomfortable after 45 minutes.

6. Lecture Hall

The lecture hall is a popular place to hold club meetings which usually take place during lunch. Club meetings are often fun but the lecture hall is not a great place to eat lunch. There is plenty of room and the chairs are comfy but the lecture hall is notoriously the coldest room at magnet. Upon opening the door to the lecture hall, Magnet students are greeted with a strong gust of freezing air guaranteed to induce shivers and complaints. Lastly, one has to be careful not to make a mess while eating in the lecture hall. Eating in the lecture hall is a privilege that can easily be taken away if faculty sees leftover trash or food on the fabric seats.

5. Breezeway

The breezeway includes the outside hallway leading to and surrounding the front wall of the cafeteria and gym. This is another area made popular by social distancing rules. Many desks have been brought to the breezeway for seating. It is also close to the cafeteria, patio, and courtyard which makes it a fun and social place to eat. The breezeway can be unpleasant due to the width of the walkway. Students cannot face each other because of the seating arrangement which makes eating with a large group of friends unpleasant. Students also must deal with the constant foot traffic and noise from crowds of passerby walking very close to the desks. Overall, the appeal of the breezeway is outweighed by the negatives.

4. Lounges

The student lounges are a very underrated place to eat lunch. They can be quiet and relaxing for a small group of friends or a single student. Admittedly, eating in a lounge is much better for upperclassmen who have access to the senior lounge. It is more comfortable, spacious, and fun than the other lounges. Students can chill on the couch or play chess while not having to walk far to their next class. The only issue is that students who eat cafeteria food must walk all the way to the cafeteria and back to the lounge which wastes valuable lunch time. As seniors make more use of their lounge throughout the year, it would not be surprising to see some competition for seats.

3. Cafeteria Patio

The cafeteria patio is the area behind the cafeteria between SOA and Magnet. It is a fantastic place to eat lunch. It’s close enough to the cafeteria to grab lunch and sit down quickly, but there can be some competition for tables if a group hasn’t already claimed one. The patio has umbrellas, comfortable tables, and plenty of open space. On a hot day the concrete can make it feel hotter out but if the weather is nice the patio is a great place to eat.

2. Courtyard

The courtyard is considered the centerpiece of magnet. It is a grass field surrounded by seating areas with a concrete walkway dividing the field diagonally. In the center, there is giant chessĀ board for students to play on whenever they please. Along with being a great hangout spot, the courtyard is an awesome place to eat lunch. There is always something happening in the field whether it’s spike ball or chess and there are plenty of seats for everyone. It is close to the cafeteria and is also where lunch events are hosted. The only limitation is the weather because students who usually sit in the courtyard will struggle to get seats inside the cafeteria on a rainy day.


1. Cafeteria

The cafeteria is the best place to eat lunch at Magnet. The cafeteria is where students go to pick up their school lunches, but the majority of space is taken up by rows and rows of tables to accommodate all of the students who choose to sit inside. It is inside so students don’t have to worry about bad weather and is air conditioned everyday. The high ceilings make it feel spacious and comfortable and the busy atmosphere promotes fun and conversation. This year, the social distancing rules are relaxed slightly from the strict 6 feet distancing of last year. The new distancing makes it much more enjoyable to sit with friends and

allows for more students to enjoy their lunch inside. To top off the cafeteria’s charm, a piano sits in the center of the room for our musically gifted students to play on.

Regardless of where you sit, lunch is the best part of the day when one can sit with their friends. Hopefully this ranking helps students choose their lunch spot or try a new one. Its always good to make the most out of our beautiful campus.