Our generation’s codependence on cell phones

what would you do without that phone in your hand

Our generations codependence on cell phones

My whole idea for this article came to me while I was in Florida for Spring Break at this ice cream shop. My mom had my phone in her purse because we had biked there, and I didn’t want my phone to fall through the cracks of the bike basket. We both had gone in the ice cream store. After finishing eating my ice cream outside, I walked back in to throw it away. When I came out just a few seconds later, my mom was gone.

Now, you may logically tell me that she couldn’t have gone far; it hadn’t been long. Plus, I was in this nice super touristy area so what was the worst that could happen? Well, after wandering the area for a few minutes I was genuinely concerned, mostly because I didn’t have my phone, which would have let me easily call or text her and figure out where I was. Anyways, long story short, I found her; she was just a few shops down. I explained to her my relief and having found her, and she laughed in my face. She reminded me that they had not had cell phones when she was growing up, only home phones.

She then decided this was a good time to tell me a bunch of stories to point out how much I would fail growing up in her generation. She seemed to enjoy telling me this way too much by the way. Slightly concerning.

She explained how she went to France in college on this big bus with a bunch of other college kids. They had to be back at the bus at a certain time, but could go off on their own during the day. I genuinely cannot imagine doing this. After all, if you dropped me off in the middle of France, the first thing I would do is to look on google maps for good places to eat or fun things to do.

This genuinely is such a crazy idea to me. From the time that I have really gone out without my parents, I have had a iPhone that lets me contact anyone in my family in a click of a button and help me with maps. That’s the other thing. I have absolutely no sense of direction. Talk to any one of my friends and they will emphasize my struggle. I literally use maps to get EVERYWHERE. You see I know how to get Towne Center from my house. I also know how to get to Wando from my house. The issue is that I would need maps to get from Towne Center to Wando. Lol. Yea I know it’s bad.

The issue is that I would need maps to get from Town Center to Wando. Lol. Yea I know it’s bad.”

Every time I get the message from my phone telling me how long I was on it, I am always so confused how I got 7 plus hours considering I watch Netflix on my laptop not my phone. Then I realize I use maps every single day to drive to school (I like to see how much traffic there is going to be!)

If you think about it, the timing of technology and our generation does makes sense.

The first iPhone was made in 2007

The first iPod nano was made in 2006. Please tell me y’all remember these. I literally forgot they existed until just now. I remember I had a bright orange one I used to listen to music. AND THE IPOD SHUFFLES. they were literally smaller than the size of my AirPods cases.

Why are these so cute?  I kinda want one. I wonder if I could find them on Ebay or something.

I vividly remember in fourth and fifth grade there would always be those few kids who got iPhones. It was SUCH a huge deal and I was so jealous. I always did the whole stereotypical, “but mom everyone else has one” type fights. I remember I got one on my 13th birthday and was so so excited. The thing that concerns me is I feel like kids are getting phones younger and younger.

Even when I am babysitting, they constantly throw temper tantrums over not getting enough “screen time”. Picture literally screaming on the ground because they want their “iPad time”. Honestly I usually do let them because it takes so much more effort to fight them on it. 





Like look at this picture. That just makes me so sad; little kids should be playing with way too expensive American girl dolls and Play-doh. Not technology that costs over 1000 dollars.

I’m honestly not sure what my conclusion of this article is. Obviously, technology has given us a ton of opportunities and helps with our safety. Also, at this point in my life I couldn’t just suddenly go without cellphones. I wish I could honestly. But it’s too late for me. I need my phone on me at all times. Oops!