Which Christmas Tree is Superior?

Which Christmas Tree is Superior?

Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees

The most iconic Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. Every year, families gather together to set up the tree with lights and ornaments. However, which tree is actually better, a fake one or a real one? Both have their pros and cons, but there is in the end, one is better than the other.

The real Christmas tree has some pros. For one, it gives the house the signature Christmas pine leaf smell. It is also eco-friendly. Many wonder how it is eco-friendly

since in the end, they get chopped down, but without this Christmas tree industry, the trees that the environment needs would not be planted in the first place. However, the
biggest downside of using the tree is insect infestation, most commonly aphids. These insects generally live in plants that produce a lot of sap – hence the Christmas tree. Christmas trees also die fast. If you get a real tree, and you want to get it right after thanksgiving, it requires the proper watering a care, which can be annoying to many people.

With an artificial Christmas tree, bugs are not the problem. While many say that the materials that make up a fake tree are not eco-friendly, studies show that if a family

reuses a fake tree for at least 5 years, it will create a smaller carbon footprint than
buying a real tree every year. Some may argue that the fake trees lack the pine smell that is given off in a real tree but that can easily be fixed with a scent spray. However the fake tree also has some cons. If you buy a tree that is of poor quality, it will not look real, and nothing brings down the Christmas spirit like a sad, sparse Christmas tree. These trees are also not recyclable and will go straight to the landfill, adding to further environmental damage despite their purpose of reuse.

When I asked other students which tree they preferred, most of them chose a real tree, mostly because of the smell. Many also reasoned that real trees would cause less environmental harm in the long run because they decompose, unlike the fake trees that go to the land fills. While my family uses an artificial tree, I personally would use a real tree. When I go to my friends’ houses and see a real pine Christmas tree, there is something extremely comforting about it. However, no matter what tree you use all that matters is that you have the holiday spirit!