The Peculiar Words and Statements of the Academic Magnet

Check out the interesting vernacular of the Raptors.

The Peculiar Words and Statements of the Academic Magnet

Academic Magnet High School comes up with some of the most peculiar words to add to its everyday conversational speech. These interesting words and colloquialisms span a large variety of definitions and contribute to a large percentage of the words spoken by the student body. In this list, I will attempt to compile a list of the most interesting words spoken by the students of Academic Magnet and define them.


  • Geek/Geeker

\ ˈgēk  \ Adjective/Noun

Definition: Someone or something that provides comedic relief through clowning around. For example, a “geek moment” would be a friend telling a joke that makes everyone laugh uncontrollably. A geeker is the noun of the word geek and is used to express someone who is constantly geeked, or making everyone laugh. Rarely, this term is used with negative connotations because if something was “too geek” they were acting too much like clowns.


  • Cringe

\ ˈkrinj  \ 

Definition: The opposite of geek, devoid of humor to the point of making someone cringe. For example, the class would cringe if someone tells a bad joke during a presentation. “Yo, was that geek or cringe?” “That was pretty cringe.” “But could it be lit though?” “Nah.”


  • Lit

\ ˈlit  \ Adjective

Definition: The word lit is used to describe something that is extremely exciting. For example, going to a party or waking up with that Friday feeling. Just the mention of the word lit puts a smile on my face and gets me excited for the future. “Do you think the party tonight will be fun?” “Yea, it is going to be lit!” The origin of this word comes from the popular rap song “everyday we lit” by YFN Lucci where he describes the ways in which he gets “lit” every day.


  • Hype

\ ˈhīp  \ Adjective

Definition: The word hype is rather similar to the word “lit” from above. This word is also used to describe something that causes excitement. This word is more used to describe something that is going to be very high energy. For example, going to support the football team is very hype due to the chants and the crowd and the music. Another example of something that would be hype would be going to a concert. “Did you go to that crazy hype game last night?” “Yes, it was really cool.”


  • On the Rocks

\ ˈȯn \ \ t͟hə \ \ ˈräks  \  Expression

Definition: Although this expression typically means to put a beverage on ice that is not what it means in this context. This expression, typically used by the athletes of the Academic Magnet Raptors, is used when asking Trainer Marty for ice for an injury. For example, if a soccer player’s ankle is hurting he may ask Marty to put it on the rocks. “Hey, Marty would you mind putting my wrist on the rocks?” “Sure thing.”


  • Raw

\ ˈrȯ  \ Adjective

Definition: Being raw refers to being extremely talented and or cool in some regard. This is a particularly versatile word because it can be used in many different contexts’. For example, you could say “wow, he is raw at football.” Or, if you are asked how you feel about a particular person, you can respond with “yea, he is raw.”


  • Bot

\ ˈbät  \ Noun

Definition: The term bot refers to someone who is making a lot of mistakes or just generally looking unprepared. For example, if someone is sleeping in class and the teacher calls on them to answer a question they would look like a bot. This term comes from robot because it refers to the ways that a person is making mistakes in very robotic ways. “He looks super unprepared.” “He is a bot.”


  • A.I.


Definition: This word, often being used in conjunction with the word bot, refers to someone who is making really silly mistakes. The word is often used to describe someone who is very smart but can not figure something very simple out. This word is the acronym for the term artificial intelligence. “How can he not figure out how to unlock the door?” “I do not know, he is totally A.I.”


  • Flam


Definition: The word flam refers to a person who is generally not being very fun to be around or someone who is generally boring. Someone who is being flam generally doesn’t want to do anything that everyone else wants to do. “Does anyone want to go ice skating?” “No, not really.” “Oh come on, stop being flam.” 


  • Ape

\ ˈāp  \ Noun

Definition: The word ape does not refer to its standard definition of a large monkey-like mammal. Rather, it is used to describe a person who is misbehaving in an obnoxious or interrupting manner. For example, if a teacher is lecturing and a student continues to interject with distracting statements. “What on earth is he doing?” “I do not know, he is being such an ape.”