Creating the Ultimate Fall Playlist

Bring in some new tunes along with the cooler weather.

Now that the weather is finally cooling down, and by that I mean the humidity is lower and the high is only 70 degrees each day, it’s time to break out your sweaters and boots to prepare for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Take this time to phase out your summer playlists and replace them with some chill, fall tunes that emulate the cooler weather and good vibes. This is a collection of songs to help you get into the groove of fall and winter to ensure you leave 2020 on a good note. I find that this playlist helps me imagine myself as the main character of my own story, which I highly advise to all of you reading this. Just take the time to romanticize your life and focus on the little things that make you love living. 

The playlist I’ve curated is solely based on my own music taste, which I consider to be fairly broad (I just can’t get down to country music, sorry). However you perceive each song, I hope you enjoy them and find something special within each one. I will link the entire playlist below if you’re interested in discovering more tunes. 


Amir – Tamino

Cigar by Tamino

I was lucky enough to accidentally stumble upon this beautiful man and his music one day through NPR. If you’ve ever seen or heard of Hozier, this guy is just like him but much more attractive (sorry Hozier, xoxo). He brings a new, dark energy that is almost like a vampire (as I’ve heard) and emulates a haunting sound that is utterly beautiful.

Piledriver Waltz and Do Me a Favour by Arctic Monkeys 

Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arctic Monkeys

This would not be a fall playlist without the one and only Arctic Monkeys, true pioneers for the alternative/indie aesthetic that took the world by storm in 2013. Although this phase has been put behind most of us, their music brings back memories of American Apparel, Doc Martens, and glamorizing the social media site of the time, Tumblr. 

Don’t Drive Another Mile and Bloodletter by Ivory Noire 

Not only are these songs works of art, but they were also created by School of the Arts alumni, James Leprette and his band, an extremely talented group of individuals. Leprette is also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, although our interactions were brief. I highly recommend checking out this band and supporting local musicians.

Alrighty Aphrodite and Thursday by Peach Pit

Peach Pit is the golden ticket to a perfect fall playlist. Listening to their music brings back a nostalgic, wintery feeling that either evokes happiness or a deep sadness. Either way, their lyrics are poetic and master both the slow and upbeat styles of music. 

ChipChrom and the MonoTones – The Neighbourhood

Silver Lining and Cherry Flavoured by The Neighbourhood

Another classic artist from the alternative/indie genre of 2013 is the Neighbourhood, who are best known for their single ‘Sweater Weather’ which remains an absolute banger. However, their new album features a more mature, somber sound which is perfect for the fall and winter months. I highly recommend driving to ‘Silver Lining’ and ‘Cherry Flavoured’ on a rainy day if you have the time.

Ghost Town by Kanye West (ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

Not only has this song been stuck in my head, but I constantly hear my friends singing this throughout the day. You’ve probably already heard of this one through TikTok, but despite its popularity, it’s a genuinely good song that emphasizes Kanye West’s talent which only makes sense with his eccentric personality. Driving with the windows down and screaming these lyrics with friends is the best possible way to experience this song as it provides a catharsis for all the stress you’ve ever held on to. 

Burn by Cherub

Even though this group is best known for their party hit ‘Doses and Mimosas,’ I think it’s important to touch on their newer songs that show a softer, more slowed-down version of their talent. Crank this song loud and chill out to this funky tune.

Boxes by Daddy’s Beemer

It’s hard to find good local musicians that you actually enjoy, but Daddy’s Beemer was able to capture an indie sound in their music that appealed to the alternative crowd of South Carolina (thank god). There’s something raw and edgy about ‘Boxes’ and it’s unlike anything I’ve heard. These guys are a super cool group that proudly represent their South Carolina roots which is just another reason to support them.

How To Be a Human Being – Glass Animals

Poplar St and Take a Slice by Glass Animals

Glass Animals always find a way onto every one of my playlists (probably because they’re my favorite band). These guys have an entirely unique sound that you’ve never heard before and the wackiest lyrics, but nonetheless, they are beyond talented. ‘Poplar St’ and ‘Take a Slice’ are bass-driven songs that will blow your mind, but they have more upbeat music that can make anyone dance if that’s more your speed. If you were to take one thing from this article, let it be that Glass Animals is a truly nuanced band that you have to listen to at least once in your life.



Some honorable mentions that were necessary to include:

Riot! by Earl Sweatshirt

Crimson & Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells 

Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac

Take It or Leave It by Cage the Elephant

DHL by Frank Ocean

Closer to the Sun by Slightly Stoopid 

You can find all of these songs and more at this link:

(my Spotify is llwolf btw :))