Magnet Students Who Truly Embody Their Zodiac Sign

There are a lot of differing opinions on Zodiac signs and astrology, but this list of people fit their sign so well that there’s no way it can be a myth…right?


Capricorn- Adam Gatch has shown his Capricorn qualities through his hard work and ambitions (he is actually applying to Harvard this year and runs a top-tier fitness instagram account, plug @gatchmanfitness). They are serious workers. Although I sometimes see Adam joking around in class, but he always ends up getting his work done in a quality way.

Honorable mention Capricorn: Ms. Allison Streck

Pisces- Being a natural artist, Karoline is the perfect Pisces. She is very creative in her way of thinking and in the artwork she creates. She’s generous as she often is willing to give and not expect anything in return. Sometimes Pisces (because they are a water sign) are described as being “overly emotional”(she does cry on occasion, but don’t we all), but I think it’s a sign of the caring nature that they have.

Honorable mention Pisces: Anna Ridgeway Cook 😉

Gemini- Geminis are known as the “life of the party”, and there is no other word I would use to describe Collin Brientnall. They are very social and adaptable. You can often see Collin in class leading discussions and always contributing whether it’s about a book read in english class or a political debate. I feel as if Collin has many different personalities that he can turn on at any moment depending on who he is with. hmmm

Cancer- Mary Routh probably matches her zodiac sign most of anyone on this list. I was born under the Cancer sign as well and fancy myself to have some of the Cancer characteristics, but nothing like Mary. Cancers are known to be loyal, emotional, and caring. Being good friends with Mary myself, I see all of these traits are ringing true. She will always stand up for her friends. Once you earn her loyalty, she will stand up for you no matter what. Sometimes cancers are known as being overly-emotional (which is true in my case) but it can also be seen as being highly empathic, a characteristic which Mary strongly shows. You can always count on her for advice and help if you need it.

Scorpio- Ishaan embodies “Scorpio energy” through his jealous nature and determination for what he wants. He doesn’t let anything stop him from reaching his goals. Ishaan is in fact one to hold a grudge (something Scorpios are notorious for) and be slightly jealous when it comes to relationships and friendships, but they do “feel” hard and when you get a scorpio loyal to you, they’re loyal for life.

Aquarius- Oh hey there Mr. von Asten  🙂 Felix is a model Aquarius with his “thoughts over feelings” attitude about life. Sometimes it can take an Aquarius a longer time to open up because they are slightly uncomfortable with ~feelings~. They are also known to be independent and intelligent which are two characteristics that Felix embodies well. He won’t submit under unfair authority. Nice job Felix!

Virgo- If one were to get a model Virgo for some sort of “zodiac catalogue” Katie Massie would be the perfect choice. She is very detailed and organized that can be seen in her perfectly written agenda and notes for class. She is also very reliable, one of the main traits of a Virgo. You can always count on her to be there to give advice or talk to you when you need it. Lastly, Virgos are very hardworking. I often see Katie giving her absolute 100% effort on everything she does because she wants it to be perfect. Nice one Hermione Granger!

Aries- Ms. Hurt shows off her Aries qualities through her tendency to use sarcasm as her main sense of humor. She is also our fearless leader of The Talon (Aries are often natural leaders) and often guides us to victory by encouraging us to write more and more! Stay on track stay on track!

Taurus- Emma Anderson is a Taurus girl. Sometimes people label those born under the Taurus sign as stubborn, but I would like to call Emma determined. She doesn’t give up whether it’s on the cross country course or with her grades in school. If she thinks a grade is unfair, she will not hesitate to email her teacher explaining her side of the story. Taurus are also very focused, and I think that is the best word to describe Emma. She takes everything she does very seriously.

Leo- Who else would be a Leo other than Señora Colon. She is very confident and holds her beliefs very strongly, and is a very assertive leader. She also has a very big heart, another Leo characteristic, and will always help her students if they are in need.

Honorable Mention Leo: Mr. Cosgrove

Libra- Sophomore, Millie Curtis, is a self proclaimed good representation of her sun sign. She says she likes to keep the peace and does not like fighting or drama, but she is a really good listener for her friends’ drama. She says she also really likes shopping (typical air sign things), but is really indecisive while doing so.

Honorable mention Libra: AG Maher

Sagittarius- To wrap this list up, I wouldn’t want to end with anyone other than Eliza Taylor. She is progressive, relentless, and optimistic. You can see these characteristics through class discussions, and I even get to see her Sagittarius relentless side in the courtroom on the mock trial team. I think this sign makes some of the best lawyers because of their ability to argue a point and convince an audience.

Honorable mention Sagittarius: Landon Ethredge