Best Places to Hide Around Magnet

At AMHS there are a lot of reasons why one may need a place to getaway. Whether you just need a break from all the chaos or need to hide last minute from an unexpected math quiz, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best places to hide at our school, obviously I can not give all of them up – maybe an end of the year article.

Disclaimer: I do not support or condone the action of skipping class. I am simply the messenger of this information. I have never skipped a class.

Disclaimer 2: The first disclaimer was a lie. I have skipped a class before.



1.) The sarcophagus in the senior lounge

Unfortunately for some of y’all, this one is exclusive to seniors. This is the perfect alone time spot, great for thinking in the complete darkness about the inevitable cycle of life, paying bills and working just to end up six feet under. Anyways, 10/10 recommend!




2.) Under the tables in the guitar hallway

  While these table s may seem innocent, it is a great tool for skipping class. Undiscoverable, you can even hide from Ms.Pinckney’s sixth sense.






3.) Near the elevat0r on the second floor

Hiding in plain sight. While this spot is covered from afar, you could be discovered if someone walks up to Ms. Orr’s classroom or uses the elevator. However, no one is going to question a student sleeping near the elevator, too confusing.


4.) Under the big desk in the senior lounge

Another spot for seniors but had to include due to its extreme comfort levels and the almost zero percent chance you will get caught here. The carpet floor, the side of the desk that can substitute as a headboard, the chairs that cause no one to get close to you…  *chefs kiss*



5.) The backroom in the lecture hall

The ULTIMATE spot, such a good spot I was hesitant to give it away to the public. This spot has everything: outlets, chair, desk, privacy, comfy spot to nap, a closet with exercise balls and yoga mats, quietness, it even has a light thing you can play with. I genuinely could spend the entire day here; noo one comes back there and if a class does go to the lecture hall, simply take a nap on a yoga map in the closet.

Alright raptors, that is all I have for you guys. I urge you all to use this knowledge wisely.