Spanish Classes 5 and AP Perform El Rey León


Last Friday, the Spanish 5 and AP classes performed El Rey León (The Lion King) for the Hispanic students who attend Dunston Elementary School. The play came after two months of rehearsals where the students had to memorize and recite their Spanish lines. During those two months, the students learned and danced to songs like El Ciclo Sin Fin (The Circle of Life), Yo Voy a Ser Rey León (I Just Can’t Wait to be King), Hakuna Matata, and Esta Noche es Para Amar (Can You Feel the Love Tonight).

The play went perfectly. Everyone remembered their lines and the band, composed of Vaibhav Mohanty, Jess Wright, Sashank Sakamuri, Annika Bovender, Ben Sewell, Sloan Nietert, Timothy Corder, and Evan Camp, was magnificent. Between scenes, cast had to change costumes very quietly, swiftly, and efficiently due to the multiple people who played each role. While watching the play, the kids laughed at the funny scenes and cheered when Simba defeated Scar. After, a few kids danced on stage with some of the characters. Sra. Shields believes this play was “the best yet.”