Talon Scavenger Hunt #2


Thanks to all who participated last week:  Our winners are – Emma Heeke, Piper Monk and Elias McCall, and Ada Skradski – Congratulations.  You will get your prize as soon as possible.  You can definitely participate again.

For this week’s Challenge – Find the following and email to carol_hurt@charleston.k12.sc.us by Wednesday, April 1st.

  1. What team did Oklahoma beat in the imaginary Final Four?
  2. Name one leaf recommended to use as toilet paper.
  3. What’s the name of  Elan’s favorite flavor of Blue Bell ice cream?
  4. What Instagram challenge did Rosie  initiate?
  5. What book talks about traveling to “the facility”?
  6. Who spent 2 weeks quarantined in Australia?
  7. What’s the deadline for academic papers to be submitted for AP Research?
  8. What part of Blucifer fell off and killed the artist who made him?
  9. Which restaurant did Christian not get to visit because he had to go back to Sweden?
  10. What kind of flooring is in the restaurant that Jack reviewed?
  11. What system will be helped by flattening the curve?
  12. What seniors added funky conversation to Mrs. Roop’s  Zoom meeting?
  13. What is the name of the Italian principle of the “right amount”?
  14. Which was the first beach in our area to close access?
  15. What hobby is Katherine Ray known for?
  16. What group did Ms. Hurt tell Alexa to play?
  17. In what book does a construction worker build a doomsday shelter?
  18. What movie does Bailey mention that has Matthew McConaughey as one of its actors?
  19. What teacher is the reigning expert on Star Wars?
  20. What teachers did Talon staffers say should be on Big Brother?