Scavenger Hunt number #1

We know you’re bored and we want to help.  Join our weekly scavenger hunt.  Answer the following questions and send them to Ms. Hurt as soon as possible.  The WINNERS will get  – a candy bar of your choice – not much but Ms. Hurt doesn’t have much money – and the bragging rights and your name printed in big letters in the Talon.  You may work with ONE other person.  We will have  winners at each grade level (staff members of The Talon cannot play).  Answers need to get to Ms Hurt by no later than 12:00 midnight Sunday, March 22nd.  If there is a tie, the email that gets to Ms Hurt first will win.

Scavenger Hunt #1 -All answers can be found in THE TALON!


  1. Name two things Swedish Christian thinks are crazy about America.
  2. Does Bailey think Sky Zone or Velocity is  better?
  3. Name one thing that would be prohibited in the new CCSD dress code.
  4. According to Davis, you might not want to take this course if you want to be an artist or a lawyer?
  5. What was the name of Marcus Amaker’s first song?
  6. Who created the Good Vibes club?
  7. What was the name of the first quiz we published this school year?
  8. Sloane calls “Spoons” the ______ _______ (2 words) of card games.
  9. Which person on The Bachelor did Kaki “hate with a passion?”
  10. Who was holding a laptop in one hand and a bag in the other when he was unable to catch Rosie when she fell?
  11. What kind of bones were found in the Francis Marion forest?
  12. What does William J.’s  father sneak under the door for him?
  13. What is one way to make money according to Clara?
  14. What was the first ice cream shop that Emily and Elan visited?
  15. In whose class does someone claim that he/she “pooped in their pants”?
  16. What does Mason think the new name of the Talon should be?
  17. What Talon article has more than 63,000 views?
  18. According to Jordan, the coronavirus has caused the water in Venice to become _____  ________. (2 words)
  19. What sport does William K. miss the most because of the coronavirus?
  20. Who was the FIRST editor of The Talon????