Everything you need to know about the Friends reunion


Ella Lesesne, Staff Writer

Friends has been on a “break” from all streaming services since December – but not for long!!! Along with the debut of WarnerMedia’s giant media streaming service HBOMax, all six original cast members of the hit sitcom Friends will come together for a reunion in May. All props go to WarnerMedia for putting together this masterpiece in order to ensure that their otherwise probably unsuccessful streaming service takes off (at a price of $15 a month, it is clear why this marketing is necessary). It is safe to say that Friends is one of (if not the most) buzzworthy shows for HBOMax to add to their collection, as one of the most popular sitcoms in history. It has been 16 years since the gang was all together on the hit CBS sitcom, and it is safe to say that the hopes of the public are extremely high for this high-risk and high-budget production.  In order to promote the long-awaited special, all the cast members FINALLY joined Instagram and posted a picture of the crew along with the caption “It’s happening”. Considering that it is expected that each of the six actors will be paid somewhere in the range of $3 million – $4 million, it is pretty clear why each of them have agreed to make this long-awaited appearance that certain members have ruled out in the past. Unofficially titled “The One Where They Got Back Together”, the reunion will be unscripted and filmed on the original soundstage used to shoot Friends, launching in May 2020. Along with the airing of the reunion special, all other 236 episodes of the sitcom will be available on HBOMax as they left Netflix in January. Friends’ emerging popularity among younger generations can be accredited to Netflix as the sitcom was one of the most watched programs on the platform – however WarnerMedia outbid Netflix for the rights to the show, paying $425 million for all 10 seasons. “Unscripted” is basically industry speak to indicate that this will not be an official reboot of the original scripted series, although it is assumed that they will return to their identities as Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey one last time. Although there will be no written script, it is expected that specific directions and plot points will be given to the actors. So get ready for May 2020 to see where the whole gang has ended up over the past 16 years!!!