7 Ways to Enhance your Style

Make your looks stand out!


Sometimes getting up and putting together a cute outfit is hard, so I have come up with some tips that could help you easily move your outfits from average to cute in seconds.

  • Put a shirt under your normal shirt

This one is especially effective in colder months, do not be afraid to layer your clothes differently! As you can see in the picture of Lanie, putting a plain black dress over top a cool pink turtle neck adds a bop of color to her look, and livens the outfit.This tip takes literally seconds, and it makes you instantly look better. This look would also be great for guys if they wanted to pair a hoodie with  a cool t shirt over-top. It is effective for winter, and a cool fit!!! A layered top look also would look great if you made either the under shirt (sweatshirt or long sleeve turtleneck) black or white, and made over shirt a bright color. 

  • Funky pants

A pair of fun and cool pants can bring your otherwise boring outfit from a 5 to an 11 in a split second. In the picture, I chose to add a pair of vintage hot pink Tommy Hilfiger mom jeans (only $1.25  at local thrift store!) to an otherwise basic outfit with a ruffle top and white platform sneakers ( from target only $15 !). Most people tend to focus on their shirts, and while that sometimes can look really good, a statement pair of pants will complement any top you wear and make your outfit seem way more put together

  • Make your shoes a statement piece

Like pants, your shoes can often be a forgotten part of your outfit. For this tip I used a picture of Lanie, and she wore a pair of platform flower boots (Dollskill $75), and they completed her look. The shoes are the last thing people look at when they see your outfit, so you want to leave with a good impression. Your shoes also dictate your walk, which holds your entire energy. If you are wearing a cool pair of shoes that you feel confident and proud of, you’re going to walk and look differently.

  • Adding a cardigan, a jacket or button up shirt on top

Layering is everything. All it takes to go from a basic tank top look to a notable fit is adding a button up or a cardigan on top. The best places to look for these over pieces is in the back of your dad or grandma’s closet. An old oversized dress shirt can make an otherwise plain dress look way funkier with the addition of layers. Similarly, a vintage cardigan can make your outfit seem softer and more girly, if that is the kind of vibe you are going for!

  • Enhance with accessories

How you accessorize  your outfits gives people total insight into your personality. Even with just one necklace, or a handful of rings, you create a narrative about yourself. Your jewelry should be exactly how you feel at that moment, I tend to go for a big necklace (usually my mood necklace or my astrology one), and beads/tinsel in my hair. 

  • Do not underestimate the maxi dress

A maxi/midi skirt or dress can make your outfit kindergarten chic instantly!They often look the best with boots. The skirt that Gabby is wearing in the picture was only 3 dollars at our local thrift store, so make sure you thrift!!! It is an environmentally friendly way to find unique pieces to add to your everyday wardrobe. The long skirt in particular is great for a flowy vibe and it gives out a very positive energy.

  • Make your pajamas a fit

If you are really tired one day just add something cool to whatever you wore to bed. If you pair an average pair of pajama pants (leopard pants, sweats, flannel pants) with a complimentary top people won’t even notice it is pajamas. It will look like you did way more than you actually did, and can sometimes turn out pretty cute!