My Experience at Escape in 60

A review of their escape room options and my experience.


This is a picture of their picture wall in the foyer of Escape in 60.

Let’s start from the beginning, I have set out to complete a room at every escape room company in the city of Charleston. I have done escape rooms in the past and really enjoyed them. They are a great bonding experience with friends or family and I would highly recommend them to any escape room newbies. They immerse you in a story and get you to solve puzzles to figure your way out. There are many different types of escape rooms for all different skill levels and ages, so the whole family can participate in the fun. They are a great way to spend a free hour in Charleston when it is raining or really any time. Escape rooms are always a safe bet for a good time.


This past Sunday I had the opportunity for me and some of my fellow newspaper members to go do a room at Escape in 60. I have previously been to Escape in 60 in the past and completed their Ransom room and Davy Jones’ Locker room. Without giving anything away, the Ransom room was a lot of fun and had a good storyline of a kidnapping. The Davy Jones’ Locker room would, in my personal opinion, be better for a younger age group, but still fun and challenging. Getting back on track, on Sunday I did their Prison Escape room. I loved the room and the ambiance it gave off. I would recommend the room to anybody looking for a brain teaser. With the rooms I have done, I would say the most challenging room out of these three was the Ransom room and it was my favorite of the ones I have done. Their last room that I have not personally done is the Egyptian Chamber, but one of my colleagues has completed this room and they said that it was just as fun as the rest of them. All of the escape room options are all great and I would recommend them to anybody!


So where is it and what do you do?  The overall experience of Escape in 60 starts in their location on Meeting Street in Downtown Charleston which is a very central location. The storefront was easy to find from the street and had an inviting foyer. As you walk in you are greeted by one of the workers stationed at what looks like a hostess station at a restaurant. They then help you get all signed in and make sure all of your paperwork is correct. This process was quick and easy in comparison to other escape rooms I have been to. Then they ask you to wait till everybody in your party is there or they are ready for you in the room. My favorite part about this area was the fact that they gave you some puzzles to play with while waiting. It was like warming up before a big race. Then they take you back to your room and you have fun!
As  Christmas is right around the corner, they have decorated their foyer with decorations and a tree. This gives them extra points in my book for their holiday spirit. Overall, all of the workers were very polite and helpful and I had a great time. I would recommend anybody to go to Escape in 60 and to not be scared if it is your first escape room: they will help you and make you feel comfortable through the entire activity.