The REALEST Twins of the AMHS Senior Class

"Ella, Simone, y'all twins, that's known." -Lil Cynth


Ella Lesesne and Simone Kavarana in their natural habitat, a leopard-print blanket.

Who are the most iconic twins at the Academic Magnet? Most people would probably give it to Davis and Mason Leath, the Student Body President and Vice President, respectively. However, this article will be an interview with the Leath’s greatest competitors, Simone Kavarana and Ella Lesesne- or, as you might know them- the cousins who really aren’t. I think?

What made you want to pretend to be cousins?

S: “We didn’t start the rumor. The rumor started itself. We were asked soooo much about whether or not we were sisters, cousins, or even twins. It was insane.”

E: “Honestly, part of it was just because we got tired of saying “no, we’re not sisters”. So, we just kinda went with it.”


The Handshake?

S: “Sometimes if we’re really feeling it, we do the handshake and then spin around.” 


What do you think is the best part of your friendship?

E: “The ability to ‘roast’ each other without having any hard feelings.”

S: “Please don’t say the word ‘roast’ in the article. Ew, ewww, ewwww, ewwwwwww.”

E: “Um, excuse me, I can use whatever words I want. Oh, and it’s great that we plan our hangouts based on what foods we both want to eat.” 


Three words to describe your relationship?

S: “We race each other in the hallway. Like once a day probably. Maybe every two days, but it changes.”

E: “Actually, a lot of the times I try and start having a race, and when Simone sees she’s going to lose, she’ll just stop and pretend she never tried to race in the first place. And, she’s had my sweatshirt for like forever.”

S: “Once, Ella wore my shorts and then put a big shirt on so that I wouldn’t notice that she was wearing them, but I did. She gets annoyed with me a lot.”

E: “Yeah. We also eat a lot of deep-dish pizza curls.”


Your biggest pet peeve about the other?

S: “Two pet peeves. First one, its kinda small, but she SCREAMS when she talks. 4AM in my house, and she asks me questions at max volume. Maybe I’m jealous of her vocal range, but sometimes I can’t stand it. Number two- whenever I want to do something, she’s indecisive. Every. Single. Time. *insert hand gestures here*. Do you wanna do this? Do you wanna go eat? Whatever the question is, I’ve never once gotten a yes or no answer. I just get “Sure, I don’t care,” or, “Whatever.” It’s sooooo annoying. *Cue off the record argument*. Sometimes, I feel like it’s a chore for her to be friends with me.”


E: “She’s really moody a lot   . One second she’s happy as can be, the next she’s blowing fire down my throat for saying “sure”. I mean, what do you want me to do? She also gets really mad easily. She can be really sweet, but she can also be really mean. I think she’s meaner to the ones she loves the most, but at the same time, I can’t be sure. Maybe she just hates me?”


What’s your biggest fear?

S: “Losing Ella as a best fri-”

E: “Tarantulas. I hate tarantulas.”


Who do you think your biggest ‘BFF Pair’ competitor? 

S: “It’s gotta be Mr. Stackhouse and Mr. Rush. They’re a dynamic duo.”

E: “We’re definitely better, but in terms of second place they’re probably pretty close. I mean, I told Mr. Rush I was going to the bathroom, but I actually went to go sit with Simone in another class last year. I think he knew too, but he’s cool.”


Where do you see yourselves as friends in 20 years?

E: “Probably living next door to each other. Our kids are either gonna be best friends or they’re going to be dating, 100%.”

S: “Definitely living near each other, talking to each other EVERY day, no fail. We’ll be sipping margaritas on a beach in the Dominican Republic, just living life.”


What is one thing that people might not know about your twin?

S: “She’s a really levelheaded and down to earth person, and she’ll back you up no matter what. There is no doubt in my mind that she would support me, even if I’m wrong. In other words, she’s one of the most loyal people I know. I’m might cry, but don’t tell anyone.”


How did y’all meet at first?

E: “So in sixth grade, we were in the Moultrie carpool line at the end of school. One of our mutual friends grabbed both of us, and told us that we needed to meet because we were pretty much the same person, and we looked like twins too. After that, we didn’t really talk for the next 2 years. Then, in eighth grade, our teacher sat us next to each other in art class and we started to become good friends. I never remember having an awkward conversation during that class, it was a good time. The only downside was that because of Simone I failed that art project. It was terrible.”


Celeb Exclusive Story (Kaki Cobb): “The first time I ever hung out with Simone and Ella, I was sleeping over at Simone’s house even though I’d never really talked to them before. It was so much fun. I met Ella in a parking lot, but it wasn’t weird. I saw Simone come in late that same day, sitting in the aisle. We kinda just vibed across the room and I feel like we both acknowledged each other, but it was a good type of vibe.”


Is there anything else you think the people should know about the REAL twins of AMHS?

S: “We have been a friend group of two for as long as I can remember, so if anyone wants to join please hit us up at 843-412-****. By the way, I know Ella’s phone number by heart, even though I’m not sure if she knows mine.”


E: “Um, I know her number too. Don’t make me sound like a bad person. It’s 606-224-****. And, by the way, Simone is actually my son. It’s been a thing for a while. BANG.”