Podcasts with Caroline: A Series.

A review of podcasts "Tiny Meat Gang" and "Office Ladies"

Podcasts: audiobooks on steroids. Podcasts are a trend of 2019, as it was recently recorded that 82.4% of people listen to more than 7 hours every week. My mom has been listening to the Nightly News podcast to help her go to sleep for the last six years. I have long thought this ritual of hers was wack, but it turns out that Karen was right after all. Podcasts are a great medium for entertainment that require almost no effort. Every other week, I am going to find two new podcasts to listen to and write about my opinions. This week, I chose Tiny Meat Gang and Office Ladies. Both can be found on Spotify, online, and the Podcast app on Apple devices. Trust me, I was very surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed these podcasts. 


Tiny Meat Gang (TMG)

Starring YouTube comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller, Tiny Meat Gang is my favorite podcast thus far. I am an avid viewer of their videos, due to their ruthless and cynical sense of humor that I very much appreciate. However, YouTube has consistently proven to be my downfall when it comes to distractions while doing homework. I get second hand embarrassment from watching other YouTubers such as Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, and James Charles produce talentless and god awful videos. Therefore, I am not apart of the ever-present YouTube obsession that is unfortunately corrupting the minds of the American youth. However, I do enjoy watching Cody and Noel make fun of these con-artists and the other morons of society. Most of my productivity problems are solved because I just recently started listening to their podcast, Tiny Meat Gang. This podcast is similar to their videos, as it is basically just Cody and Noel roasting stupid people. An added bonus is that there are not specific subject matters, so the two comedians are able to converse about whatever they want and listeners are able to find out a lot about them this way. They also talk about the reactions to some of their videos. For instance, one of my favorites was the conversation between Cody and Noel after Jake Paul “confronted” Cody for making a video about him. Even if you haven’t watched them on YouTube, I highly, highly recommend TMG if you’re looking for a little background noise that is entertaining and humorous. I sometimes opt to listen to this podcast instead of music in the car and before I go to bed, as it provides a little bit of comedic relief that music doesn’t have. 

Weekly Favorite: Episode 83- “Cody Meets Jake Paul”


Office Ladies

It’s undeniable that everyone loves The Office. This podcast features the show’s two leading ladies- co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, otherwise known as Pam Beasley and Angela Martin. Jenna and Angela became best friends during the filming of the show, and have since remained besties even after it ended in 2013. Each week, the two women will re-watch an episode and give behind the scenes insight on the filming of it. They discussed funny memories and hi jinx that occurred. There have only been two podcasts in the series so far because it just started last week. Jenna and Angela discussed the first episode of the series, “Pilot”. This week, they discussed one of my favorite episodes, “Diversity Day.” I found this podcast to be good background noise. It was nice to switch it up from Tiny Meat Gang because the two are entirely different. As an Office fan, I was quite pleased with it. The two are very happy and upbeat though, so maybe don’t listen to this if you’re in a bad mood. It is interesting to see how different Angela’s unpleasant TV show character is from her positive personality in real life. My favorite tidbits were about Dwight and Michael’s characters. Good stuff.

Weekly Favorite: “Diversity Day”


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed them both. Stay tuned for more.