10 Times “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Proved Itself to be the Best Reality Show Ever Made

Bailey Hillen, Staff Writer

As the show’s number one fan, I have decided to show the rest of the world why “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was the greatest reality show of all time. Here are the top ten moments from the show that proves the show’s greatness. 


  1. Every time they taught us a new word to add to our vocabulary.

Other Examples:

“Sassified” = wearing or sporting your sassy attitude 

“Beautimous” = to be exceedingly beautiful

“Ooo’d” = pooped

“S’mage” = massage

“Vajiggle jaggle” = excess skin or fat

“Minja” = mini-ninja

“Poop in a can” = spray tan 

2. When Mama June taught us how to make sketti.

All it takes is butter, ketchup, and noodles. It’s that easy! Make sure your noodles are ready by flinging them onto your kitchen cabinets. Then, serve with a side of cheese balls and voila, you’ve got yourself a home cooked meal comparable to dinners made by Gordon Ramsey. 




I mean, who else has a crazy sister who was struck by lightning? I mean she’s bobbed for pigs feet, made out with a giraffe, attempted to eat Pigzilla (a 20 pound pork sandwich), and even went commando at her mom’s commitment ceremony. 

4. When they introduced us to the Redneck Games.

With events like bobbin’ for pigs’ feet and a mud pit belly flop, the Redneck Games put the Olympics in a place of shame. As mama June would describe it, “ it’s similar to the Olympics, but with a lot of missing teeth and a lot of butt cracks showing”. 

5. When they taught us how to entertain ourselves with innovative new games.

“Doorknob”: This game can be played anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to, you guessed it, a doorknob. The game is initiated any time someone farts. Anyone who hears (or smells) the flatulence is free to shout, “DOORKNOB”. At that time, they are then able to violently attack the farter until they are able to make contact with a doorknob. However, if the person says, “safety” after they fart, then they are safe from being beat up.

6. When Pumpkin demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills by inventing her pee-funnel.

Every girl wants to be able to “stand peein’ up”, so thanks to Pumpkin’s new invention, you can! Or you can stick to Mama June’s “drip-and-dry” method: pull back your drawers, squat, pee, do three shakes, and you’re done. But whatever you do, make sure you’re not a sprayer like Pumpkin. 

7. When we were introduced to Mama June’s infamous forklift-foot.

The warped big toe. The bugs flying about. Mama June’s foot may just be the most disgusting thing ever revealed on television. But she doesn’t let her forklift foot get in the way of living her life to the fullest. She wears socks to the beach, the pool, and even the nail salon.

8. When they gave us some great weight loss tips.

Image result for here comes honey boo boo weight loss tip quote fart

Enough said.

9. When they taught us a thing or two about saving money while shopping.

First off, we have got to acknowledge Mama June’s amazing couponing skills. Her whole house is even dedicated as a stock room. Next time you wanna spend three cents on fifty rolls of toilet paper and a crate of cheese balls, then check out Mama June’s tips. 

10. When they took a trip to the local waterpark. 



Mama June on a waterslide. Nothing better.