Ways to Spend a Rainy Day 

Have indoor fun!

thank you to Google Images & 123rf.com

thank you to Google Images & 123rf.com

Clouds letting loose. Water falling from the sky. Hurricane Generic Name coming through. Whatever reason for it, Charlestonians all have ample experience when it comes to rain. Downtown Charleston is notorious for flooding and sometimes you get stuck indoors whether you like it or not. Save this article for a rainy day, literally, and open it up when you’re at a loss of what to do. Let’s begin: 

Jump on your bed

Obviously your trampoline is wet and slippery, and broken bones are a no go. So then you think to yourself “how else can I get a good cardio work out while enjoying it at the same time.” And then you remember, your beautifully stuffed mattress has all the perks that a trampoline offers. 15 minutes on 30 seconds off will give you the ab work out of a lifetime. Trust me. 

Call up a friend to chat for a few… hours

If it’s raining at your house, maybe it’s raining at your friends! You guys can talk about all the hot gossip going around at your school. You can talk about your goals and dreams, current events even. If it’s a good enough friend the long pauses of silence for 5 minutes at a time                 

Watch a season of your favorite show

Whether you have Hulu, Netflix, AmazonPrime or simply cable, it never hurts to rewatch TV shows that make you feel some type of way. Whether it jogs your happy emotions or tugs on your heartstrings, getting in touch with your emotions is never a bad idea. 

Bake a cake 

I know it’s not just me who watches Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars and secretly fantasizes about being a baking god. Well this time, no one’s stopping you. Get out the flour and eggs and get mixing. Lookup a recipe online or in one of your grandma’s cookbooks and begin. Follow the instructions as closely as you can, but if you have to eyeball a few measurements, that’s okay. Baking a cake is fun, and challenging- you really can’t go wrong. 

Take a nap

No magnet child who works hard during the year is all caught up on sleep. Not trying to make any sleep cycle assumptions, but I do know that you can never get enough sleep. Rain isn’t a fleeting kind of thing, so get under your covers and forget about setting an alarm. This is one of the times where you have full rights to sleep the day away. 

Clean your house 

Also known as the double whammy, if you will. Your mother will be pleased and you can live in clean peace. Swiffer the floors and wipe off the kitchen table, maybe dust off the ancient vacuum that’s behind your laundry room door and go at it. 

Eat the cake that you baked (refer to number 4 for guidance)

Once your cake has cooled and been iced and decorated (putting to use the artistic depths of your mind) it’s time to reward yourself. Cut into that masterpiece of yours and let it melt in your mouth. 

Comfort your puppy

If you have a sweetheart of a dog who whimpers and shakes when it’s storming outside, give them a big hug. Cuddle with them. Cover their ears. Make them feel better like they make you feel better when you’re crying about your joke of a life.

    This is Oliver.