International Dinner 2014 Part 1

Selina Pi, Editor

Every year in October, Academic Magnet hosts the International Dinner. Volunteers and AMHS PIE prepare traditional cuisine from China to Chile, Spain to Nigeria, Italy to India, France to the Philippines, and of course, the United States. For only $3, students and children enjoyed an all-you-can-eat cultural buffet, and adults shared in the festivities for just $2 more.

After the event, freshman Michael P. commented, “I don’t think I missed a table.” Then he realized he missed the first table: the China table, where a long line had been accumulating since 6:00 PM that day. On the other side of the cafeteria, he mused, there were much fewer hungry citizens waiting to be served. “People don’t seem to realize that you don’t have to start in the front. I started at the America table. I always start on the other side–the golden side.” He reflected that he could have gotten a dumpling from the Chinese cuisine table, though.

In addition to enjoying food, students performed live on the piano, guitar, and more. Performers this year included yours truly, freshmen Sam K. and Zach K., sophomores Nanako S. and Nathan B., juniors Whitney S. and Misha P.,  and seniors Annika B., Vaibhav M., Sashank S., Sloan N., Evan C., and Timothy C. Magnet graduates arrived to perform and catch up with high school friends as well. There was no limit to the food and fun. Moreover, the International Dinner celebrated our school’s diversity of culture and heritage.

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