G7 Red Spin

The right side is more right.

Sloane Stoklosa, Staff Writer


On August 24th through the 26th, the 45th annual G7 took place. The G7, which stands for the Group of Seven, was hosted in southern France in the city of Biarritz. Leaders from France, Japan, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States met to shape responses to urgent global issues such as fighting inequality and protecting biodiversity and climate. 

However, our president, Donald Trump is receiving loads of criticism from the media as they claim he was not a leader. “It may as well have been a G6 plus one” says Elise Labott from MSNBC. What is being forgotten are these 5 pros. 

  1. China is coming back to the table and negotiating trade thanks to Trump’s tariffs. 

       2. US and Japan are negotiating a new trade deal on agriculture and beef which is great for American farmers.

       3. The UK wants a trade deal, but they have to wait for the Brexit deal to settle.

       4. The EU is facing huge political and economic problems. 

        5. The US has the strongest economy in the G7

Not only are all those five topics an advantage for the American economy and people, but it is being forgotten in the media that America has an economy the other leader’s would kill for as their countries are not stable. France is dealing with yellow vest protests; the United Kingdom is struggling with the Brexit drama  and Italy’s government is in chaos, and Germany is headed for a recession. 

On the topic of trade with China, our president was pragmatic in what he said, as he is willing to work with him, but not if it takes America to the status quo. Yet, the media is taking the word of the oppressive communist China government over our own president’s. 

Another topic of criticism the media is attacking Trump for is not meeting with other world leaders about climate change at the G7 conference. CNN criticized him for not being able to even put on a show and attend the meeting to be nice to the other world leaders. However, if anyone knows anything about our president, it is that he does not “put on a show” to please others as he has an agenda and is focused on accomplishing what will actually benefit the American people. 

New York Times’ Peter Baker, based the success of the G7 on the number of words said in the final statement. They compared Trump’s 264 word ending to Obama’s 14,623. However, what is being ignored is that Obama attended the G7 in 2016 when our economy was not as strong and we were running into problems with China, and it is ignored that Trump attended the G7 while the United States is thriving in unparalleled economic success.