Magnet Bross Brountry

An Inside Scoop on Magnet’s Grooviest Guys


Previous year’s team preparing to race.

So why is cross country the best sport ever? Well, to be honest with you, it isn’t. Most people would hardly even consider it a sport at all. However, for those of us with a lack of hand eye coordination and a desire to run through beautiful North Charleston, Cross Country is our “activity” of choice. Now you may be wondering, “hmm cross country runners, those guys are weird right” and right you are. Whether we are pouring chocolate milk in each other’s hair or performing ancient rituals with stolen gourds, we are always having fun (except when we’re running). So, without further ado, let’s meet the boys. 


Our seniors consist of myself, Robby Gourdie, Jake Thayer, Sully Gholson and Michael Hammer. All five of us are returning to varsity for our fourth year, except for Michael as our fresh talent. Sully serves as our strength captain, I am our fun captain, Jake and Robby are our spirit captains, and Michael Hammer replacing former senior, Lyle Johnson, is our guy with a cool beard. While we may look like an intimidating group of guys, between Sully’s watermelon sized arms and Jake’s ferociously frosted tips, in reality, we’re just a couple of goons who enjoy quality time together and Chinese takeout.


Next, we have our four juniors; Christian Geils,  Evan Daniels, Christian Nelson and Marshal Hodges (yes I promise Marshal is not a freshman ). These student athletes are truly keepin’ it 100%. If AP Seminar wasn’t hard enough, add the 50 miles a week some of them are running each and everyday after school. Not only is Evan Daniels currently our top runner, he’s also our cutest team member, flaunting his uncanny Finn Wolfhard resemblance to all of North Charleston during our long runs.  


Our team’s largest age group is our Sophomores, consisting of Carter Limbert, Marshal Fleming, Mark Owens, Charlie Jajuga, Pedro Aruajo, William Hyatt, Cal Monnier, Sam Whelan, Harman Pelia and Randy Reed. If you’re looking for a group of guys to add some character to your team, our sophomores are the boys for you. Not only do we have epic gamer Mark Owens on our squad, but also the legendary Marshal Fleming, king of the turtleneck muscle shirt. And to top off our sophomores we have Carter Limbert, son of Coach Limbert, who coincidentally made varsity the same year his father became coach.


And last but not least, our freshmen: Griffin Steigen, Ronan Kotz, Garrett Griffin, Alan Muthard, Noah Boudolf and McRae Wallace. What can I say? They’re freshman. From their sense of boundless joy to their cute little smiles, it is clear to me that the effects of Magnet have not taken a substantial toll on their brain’s ability to produce serotonin, yet. However, these hatchlings have the determination, drive, and the ability to detach themselves from their emotions needed in order to be a successful student athletes at the Academic Magnet.


While we may not participate in the most prestigious sport, we remind you that at least we don’t play baseball.  And so, I conclude my article with an open invention to our entire student body to come and watch as many meets as you’d like. I understand that this invitation will be rejected by many, but to all of you who wish to watch guys in tiny shorts running in and out of the woods with spiky shoes on, please come and watch. 

Cross Country Girls – next issue!