Meet the Girls’ Magnet Golf Team

Golf Team



You think golf is boring? Well, meet the Girl’s Magnet Golf Team!

Running the team we have Mr. Stackhouse, who himself is an avid golfer. Not only is he a fantastic coach, but he’s also one of the teachers in the history department at Magnet. If his life was a live-action movie, he would be played by Alec Baldwin; he is just that cool of a guy.








Mia Di Palo

As a senior on the golf team now, Mia has been playing for 4 years and always brings a new way of making golf interesting to practices. For example, as shown in the first picture, she is hitting the golf club with it upside down while she is attempting to drink the water without bending her elbow… spoiler alert… she did not get it to work.  

Carson Goodier (featured on the left in the picture )

Carson is a senior as well, and not only does she love the sport itself, but being a part of the team is super enjoyable as there are many fun parts. such as the end of the year pizza party. Another favorite part of hers is when we go on far away matches and Mr. Stackhouse drives the van, the reason being that last year before Mr. Stackhouse started driving, he said, “Let’s get this party started!” and then he did an Irish heel click.

Courtney Hall

A freshman this year, who is a wonderful addition to the golf team. When asked what she thought of being on the golf team so far she responded by saying, “It’s good!” She recently was the medalist golfer at our first match. 


(hey that’s me!) I love being on the team because not only do I love playing the sport, but the team makes it even more enjoyable because the people on the team make the practices and matches so entertaining as Mia and I spend some of the time seeing what tricks we can do with the clubs. 

The Girl’s Magnet Golf Team is a great experience as all of the girls have a great time playing the sport and enjoying each other. Come out and support the team at our home matches! All you have to do is go to Patriots Point Golf Club, rent a golf cart, and clap really quietly as you watch the girls play. 

Home Matches

Monday, September 9 we had a victory over Cane Bay 

Monday, September 16 at 4:00 vs. TBD 

Monday, September 23 at 4:00 vs. Stratford

Monday September 30th at 3:30 vs. Pinewood Prep