Spirit Week: A Beginner’s Guide for Freshmen

How to transform from an ugly duckling to a soaring raptor


Members of the class of 2020 in decade day outfits.

By and large, it is known that Academic Magnet holds the most spirited student body in the Lowcountry. From football games to pep rallies, students are known to put maximum effort into their costumes and cheers alike. There is one event, however, that stands out among the rest: spirit week. During this time, students can be seen roaming the hallways in costumes such as space suits, onesies, or even inflatable dinosaur outfits (you know who you are). Further, events are held at lunch that engage the student body in competitions to win points for their grade. The week culminates with the highly anticipated “Wall Day,” an event in which each grade decorates their designated hallway segment to fit a theme. Past themes have included, but are not limited to: Atlantis, Pirates, Vikings, Jungle, Aztecs, Superheroes, Hospital, and Conspiracy Theory. 


For most freshmen, this week is not only overwhelming, but it also intimidating. That’s why I will be here to serve as a guide to your first ever Academic Magnet Spirit Week. 


Tip #1: Start Preparing Early


Every upperclassman can tell you horror stories of waiting until the Sunday before spirit week to begin picking out your costumes. Imagine this scenario: you make a mad dash to the nearest Goodwill to begin searching for outfits, only to find out that every Raptor north of Edisto has already picked it over! Party foul! To avoid this catastrophe, I recommend planning in advance. You should know the spirit days ahead of time, so go ahead and look for clothes while you procrastinate on that English paper.


Tip #2: Go All Out


At most high schools, you would be ridiculed for wearing a costume to school. At Magnet, the exact opposite is true. If everyone dressed up for the wall theme, and you show up in the usual Patagonia baggies and Vineyard Vines T-shirt, you will most certainly feel out of place. Talk about a fish out of water!


Tip #3: Save Everything


By the time your senior year rolls around, there is a high likelihood that you will have amassed an entire wardrobe of clothes from previous spirit week endeavors. If this is the case, you will be able to save your precious money for more important purchases such as Cookout milkshakes or new sneakers (maybe that’s just me though).


Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Voice your Ideas


When it comes to freshman “walls” (a term used to describe your wall), students are often too timid to voice their opinion. With everyone blubbering like this, it is impossible to create a succinct wall design. Therefore, it is imperative that you speak up about your ideas and assets, especially if you are artistic or a handyman. With a great wall, you will build clout for your grade and respect from the upperclassmen.


Understanding that my opinion is not the final word concerning Spirit Week advice, I took the liberty of reaching out to fellow Raptors for their opinions.


“This ain’t middle school, dress up or don’t show up” – Sam Carson

“Yell louder than the next person” – Simon Vaglienti

“Don’t bring weapons” – Mason Leath

“Spirit week is all about getting close to your grade, and it’s when Raptor spirit is at its strongest, so cherish every one.” – Clara Cullum

“Stay strapped or get clapped” – Clara Cullum

“Go big or go home” – Mia Di Paolo

“Think big. Magnet spirit is a serious thing. But above all, have fun.” – Mrs. Lankford