Class of 2019 Thesis Titles

Congratulations to our Seniors for completing AMHS’ most difficult requirement


Ivy Lu following her thesis presentation.

Most of the seniors have completed the grueling, year-long process, or are on the home stretch towards the amazing feeling that is finishing your thesis. The Class of 2019 serves at the final year of the traditional thesis requirement at AMHS as AP Capstone and AP Research takes its place in the future so be sure to congratulate all your classmates and schoolmates on their incredible achievements! The following is a list of the class of 2019’s senior theses:

Audrey Alexander: The Portrayal of Diversification in Table Etiquette in Children’s Literature

Liza Allen: The Influence of Sex-Role Stereotypes on Self-Efficacy and Career Aspirations in Female Adolescents

Caroline Allston: How the Moods of Recovering Substance Abusers are Altered Before and After Exposure to Meditative Music

Skyler Ayers: The Effect of Changing Yeast Type in Croissants on Consumer Preference

Natalie Aversano: Analysis of the Evolution of the Female Protagonists in Disney’s Fairy Tales from 1991 to 2017

Jay Baek: How Music Could Affect Alzheimer’s Patients Over 50 Years of Age

Colin Baker: Effects of Fusogenic Versus Non Fusogenic Viruses in Infection of Cancer Cells

Adriana Ballinger: A Comparison of Galvanic Corrosion of Silver-tin (AgSn) Solder, Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel (SS), and Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum (CoCrMo) Galvanic Couples

Baxter Barrett: The Impact of Municipal Swimming Pools on Accessibility for Minority Children

Eliza Basel: The Correlation of Religiosity and Adolescent Well Being

Razeen Basunia: Label-Free and Nondestructive Method for Chondrocyte Viability Assessment in Native Cartilage Tissue

Eli Beall: Determining a Universal Surfboard for the Charleston Area

Helen Beischel: The Effects of Swim Team Participation on Self-Esteem in Adolescents

Mason Bishop: The Design and Implementation of a Structured Warm-up Program in the Reduction of ACL Injuries

Abby Bonner: Increasing Awareness About the Lack of Women in Sports Journalism

Abby Bonner presents her thesis about the lack of women in sports journalism.

Malia Borg: The Role of Self-Confidence in the Performance of 14-18 Year Old Female   Competitive Swimmers

Kevin Boyd: Determining the Predictive Value of Simulated Behavioral Responses from APP/PS1 Mice During Novel Object Recognition Tasks

Andrew Boyles: The Relationship Between American and British Imperialistic Practices Based Upon the Characteristics and Impacts of the United Fruit Company and the British East India Company

Bryan Bracy: The Performance of the ECMWF and GFS Hurricane Prediction Models Over the Course of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Gia Braddock: Correlates of Vaginal Microbiome Composition during Pregnancy

Rion Brown: Effects of Physical Activity on the Self-esteem of Advanced High School Students

Ashley Bryan: The Construction of Photo Essays to Portray How Education Has Changed

Max Cabrera: Measuring the Change of Transparency of a Collagen-Containing Solution due to the Crosslinking of its Collagen

Adriana Carter: Novel Strategies to Improve Delivery of Anticancer Drugs Across the Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Glioblastoma

Hayley Cash: Can Gum Prevent an Earworm

Qian Chang: Analyzing Precortex Region Brain Activity with Musical Interval Stimuli

Beauregard Cochran: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Entry Into the NBA

Sera Cole: The Objectives of Art: Evaluating Art Through Neuroscience

Alanah Colestock: How Premature Birth Affects Language Development in Children

Riane Coman: Impact of Previously Operated Upon Pulmonary Arteries on the Development of Right Ventricular Dysfunction Following a Heart Transplant

John Conley: Communication of Daniel Island’s Historical Significance Through the Creation of an Archaeological Field Guide

Tommy Crookes: The Effects of Age on Motor Vehicle Safety

Josh Cumins: The Economic Significance of the Legal Cannabis Market in Colorado

Beau Dosher: An Analysis of Juxtaposition of the Electronic Fuel Injection and Carburetor

Caroline Mackay Drolet: Effectiveness of Visualization Routines on Anxiety in Artistic Gymnastics

Elly Durante: The Effect of Recreational Dance Classes on Teenage Stress

Andrea Edwards: Evaluating MRSA Specific and Infection Control Protocols

Mary Helen Elliott: Implementing Environmental Media: Investigating Its Effects on Folly Beach Marine Litter Quantities

Sophie Estoppey: Developing Enchiridion Pertaining to Compounding Over the Counter Medications

Addie Ethredge: Exploring the Impact of Interactions Between Females Over Social Media on Body Image in Female Adolescents

Madison Facello: Intergroup Communication: Using Dance to Raise Awareness for Schizophrenia  

Emma Louise Farmer: The Development of PTSD in Adolescents due to Car Accidents and Answering the Question: How are Academic Magnet High School Students who have been in Car Accidents Suffering from Various PTSD-related Symptoms?

Grace Fellows: Analyzing the Benefits of an Inclusive Education for Children with Intellectual Disabilities: Why is the South Carolina so Behind?

Ethan Fewell: –The Nutritional Effects of Creatine Supplementation and Organic Nutrients on Exit Velocity in Varsity Level High School Baseball

Jessica Forney: Physical and Psychological Changes of Children with Down Syndrome in Physical Activity

Luke Freudenheim: Comparing Two Statistics in Major League Baseball

Gage Gailbreath: The Effect of Cell-Cell Communication on Cardiac Embryonic Development

Hannah Garcia: Factors Contributing to the Negative Stigma of “Pit Bulls” and its Effect on their Adoptability Rate

Ben Garner: Analyzing the Issue of Overfishing Within the Atlantic Ocean and its Potential Consequences

Julian Gatch: Analysis of the Effects of Various Sociodemographic Factors on Vaccination Rates

Meredith Gee: The Effects of the PEP Program on Injuries

Alec Goldberg: An Evaluation of Effectiveness of Concussion Identification Methods

Sydney Graves: Highlighting Prison Art Program Deficiencies with Descriptions from South Carolina Prison Inmates

Jourdan Gruber: Effects of Strontium on Chloride Containing Bioactive Glasses in Mouse MC3T3-E1 Osteoblast Progenitor Cells

Zinnia Harris: Comparison of Visual Mnemonics Versus Written Repetition on Japanese Kanji Recognition

Graysen Hasty: Evaluating the Historicity of the Bible During the Dark Age of the Near East

Stephen Hilton: Feasibility of Integrating Current and Future Thermal Protection System Technologies to Generate a New Design for a Manned Mars Return Mission

Stephen Holderness: Competitive Balance in the MLB: Analyzing the Luxury Tax

Sarah Hudock: Visions for the Future of the Gullah Burial Site at Mcleod Plantation: Interviews with the Stakeholders

Graham Inabnett: The Effects of Job Experience on Educators’ Perceptions of Single Parent Children’s Behaviors

Shabih Jafri: The Impact of Depression and Quality of Life on Language Recovery Post Stroke

Paul Jiang: The Effects of Blue Light Filters on Sleep Patterns in Adolescents

Lyle Johnson: The Influence of Salient Mass Shootings on State Mandated Legislation

Miles Jones: Hiking the Appalachian Trail and Using a Photo Essay to Emphasize Pollution

Anthony Joyce: A Study Examining the Behavior of Cells When Placed in a Peptide-Modified Hydrogel

Abby Keating: Developing a Marketing Campaign to Promote Public Transit in Charleston

Daniel Killough: The Ability of Virtual Reality Technologies to Improve Comprehension of Speech Therapy Device Training

Andre Koka: The Development of Learning Video Game Artificial Intelligence

Lilly Ku: Theoretical Implementation of IPTp-SP in South Asian Countries to Combat Low Birth Weight

Kate Kuisel smiles in front of the Watergate building in Washington, DC.

Kate Kuisel: The Impact of Deep Throat on The Washington Post Coverage of the Watergate Scandal

Lindsay Lankau: Effect of Educating Charleston County Students about the Psychological State of Sex Trafficking Victims

Sully Lant: Gradual Versus Sudden Exposure to Post-1960’s Heavy Metal Music: Adolescent Listeners’ Preferences in a Community and Individualized Setting

Sam Leach: Novels Utilizing Metafictional Elements and Mechanics to Portray Meaningful Messages

Parker LeClerc: The Reliability of Citizen Source Data

JC Lesesne: The Effects of Time Management Involved with High School Varsity Football on an Athlete’s Grade Point Average

Sallie Limehouse: The Views of Importance Held by an Educated Sample on the Lack of Puberty Education of Sub-Saharan African Girls

Jared Lipton: Effect of Cultural Exposure in Encouraging Spanish Learning

Christopher Littlejohn: The Occurrence of Antibiotic Resistance in Common Bacteria in Veterinary Medicine

Ivy Lu: Raising Awareness of the Homeless in the Charleston Area Through Candid Photography

Sam Maher: Parental Influence on the Party Identification of Adolescents

Rachel Maile: Household Chlorination Integrated with Filtration as a Clean Water Solution for Small Communities in Developing Countries

Will Marshall: Analyzing the Psychological Effects of Sports Injuries on Athletes’ Recovery Times

Luke Matthews: The Prevalence of Risk Perception in Novice and Expert Aviation Accidents

Hallie McClain: The Role of Teacher Behavior Surrounding Student Performance: An Academic Magnet Case Study

Aubry McConnell: Analyzing The General Populace Views On Sharks

Connor McPherson: The Effects of Genres and Preferences of Music on the Reaction Times of Teens

Carrie Metts: Factors Affecting Teacher Satisfaction in Low Income Elementary Schools in the Charleston, SC Area

Chase Mitchum: Analysis of Cross-Border Surveillance Systems in the Context of Gold Mines in South Africa

Gabby Mochizuki’s thesis pertained to therapeutic horseback riding.

Gabby Mochizuki: Examining the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding: A Case Study Representing those who Suffer from Hypoxic Brain Injury

Zach Moody: Determination of the Ideal Pacing Strategy for the 1500m Swimming Race

Grace Moorman: Eliciting Emotion from a Horror Film: Analyzing Film Techniques Used to Evoke Fear

Elizabeth Moseley: The Effects of Income on Drowning Rates in Young Children

Walton Moseley: Ethical Programming for Accident Scenarios in Self-Driving Cars

Devin Narula: Serious Game Development and Design: Educational Video Game Design and its Impact on Middle School Students

Nathan Nguyen: Analyzing the Effect of North Vietnamese Social Context on the Personal Writings of Dr. Đặng Thùy Trâmand other NVA Soldiers

Aly Nida: Investigating the Impact of Episodic Stellar Activity on Planet Formation and Evolution and the Subsequent Implications of Habitability for Known Carbon-Based Lifeforms

Matthew Nofsinger: Determining the Effectiveness of Three Different Teaching Methods for Geography

Sarah Norman: Vegetation’s Effect on Loggerhead Hatch Rate on Folly Beach, South Carolina

Hannah O: Composing Songs as Music Healing for Anxiety

Janie O’Shea: Effects of an Initial Exposure to Lacrosse through an Elementary Physical Education Course

Vinod Pandey: Assessing the Knowledge of Swing Mechanics and Overuse Injuries in Competitive Adolescent Tennis Players

John Paradise: Programming a Computerized Neural Network to Assist Steering and Collision Avoidance for Rockets During Initial Launch Sequence

Stuart Philp: Creation of a High School Focused Mockumentary Screenplay based on Analysis of Satirical Tropes in Contemporary Media

Trap Puckette: The Use of X-Band Radar as a Rip Current Detection Method

Anne Claire Purcell: The Value of Parental Input in an Adolescent Weight Loss Program

Chloe Putnam: Effects of Fat Loss in Females Using Nonweighted and Weighted Exercise Programs

Dillon Ranwala: The Lyrical Transformation of Rap: Comparing Tupac and Travis Scott

Jackson Ray: The Evolution and Dominance of Twenty-First Century Superteams in the National Basketball Association

Annie Riesberg: The Effects on the Hemoglobin A1c of a Type 1 Diabetic After Adherence to a Low Carbohydrate Diet

Bella Rocco: Women and Successful Business Leadership

Sarah Romagnuolo: The Relationship Between Gender-Typed Toys for Elementary-Aged Children and High School Students’ Gender-Typed Occupational Interest in Charleston, SC

Steven Schlosser: The Composition of an Original Piece Based on the Characteristics of Select Ragtime, Jazz, and Classical Piano Pieces

Emma Sherman: Effects of a Concussion Education Program on Adolescent Athletes

Aileen Shi: Creating a Pitch for an Animated Short Film Accurately Portraying Amnesia

Sidney Simpson: Analysis of the Olfactory Function of a PTSD Patient

Jake Smalley: The Entrepreneurship of Independent Hip-Hop Artists

Rachel Smith: Integrated Pest Management in Honey Bee Colony Care

Samantha Smith: The Effect of Mouthguards on Athletic Performance

Kirkland Smith: The Economic Viability of Crypto-Currency

Morgan Southworth: Procedures and Therapies of Autism

James Staubes: Convolutional Neural Network for Chondrocyte Segmentation and Classification

Rachael Stokes: Creating a Healthier Brownie: Recipes that are Nutritious and Palatable

Tori Streetman: Analyzing Physician Awareness of Kratom Consumption and its Effects

Rifah Tasnia: Functional Analysis of Metallo-Beta-Lactamase Enzymes

Anna Tortorici: The Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing in Promotion of a Collegiate Club

Maria Traver: Child Marriage in India: The Effects of Empowerment Through Education of 15-17 Year Old Girls Views and Plans Regarding Marriage

Ryan Troy: Evaluating High School Athletes’ Knowledge of Sports Supplements

Ean Tucker: : Designing and Constructing a Small Scale and Cost Efficient Aquaponics System Best Suited for the Environment of Charleston, South Carolina

Acacia Van Kirk: Analyzing Astrological Views Concerning Planetary Positions in Civilization  

Greta Waits: The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Mood and Academic Success of Academic Magnet High School Students

William Wendt: Using Bartle’s Player Types to Categorize Real Money Trading

Zach Wallace Wright: Analyzing the Impact of Economic Distress on Radical Populist Movements in Europe: the Recession of 2008

Rachel Walmet: Epinephrine Use Preparedness at Academic Magnet High School

Bohan Wang: Comparing the Economic Contrast of a Centralized and Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Pauline Wang: Children’s Health: Analyzing Different School-Based Telehealth Programs

Victoria Waterfield: Attraction to Horror Movies in Adolescents with Anxiety Disorders

Max Windom: Developing a Cumulative Offensive Statistic in Baseball: A Direct Method of Player Comparison in the MLB

Mary Grace Wolf: Replicating African Art Themes in an Original Painting

Savannah Wray: An Analysis of Alternative Delivery Methods of Foreign Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

Angela Yang: Analysis of Behaviors and Characteristics of Computer and Biological Viruses in the Creation of a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel

Cannon Yarborough: An Analysis of How World War II Films Reflect the Political Views of the American People During the Decade in Which They Were Created

Lauren Yates: The Role of Breast Milk and Feeding Strategies in Preventing Necrotizing Enterocolitis in the Premature Infant

Jonathan Ye: Development of an Artificial Neural Network Algorithm to Assess Cartilage Healthiness

Caroline Young: An Analysis of Eudora Welty’s Style and Rhetoric in A Curtain of Green to Create an Original Short Story in her Style

Esther Yu: Impact of Administration Length on Canine Anxiety Medication Efficacy

Forrest Zach: Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand: Analysis of Range of Motion and Capabilities

Yuna Zhao:  Discovery of God’s Number on Latch Cube

Andrew Zimlich: Evaluating the Accuracy and Effectiveness of Forensic Odontology Procedures as a Means of Human Identification

Greg Zynoyko: Genetic Patient Data: Combining Microarray and Next-Generation  Sequencing Data for Better Analyses