Old Sayings That Deserve a Second Chance

Use these to sound like a big brained intellectual.


An actual image of your brain when you use one of these phrases.

Sayings, much like everything else in life, are constantly coming and going and changing over time through the generations. However, some are just far too good to forget. Here’s a list of a few that deserve to be mainstays in popular culture:


A very quirky word used in awkward situations that inevitably makes the situation more awkward.

Hit me up on kik

With the rise of snapchat and instagram, kik is truly a lost art. In the past kik was the place to be for all middle schoolers looking to date. We should bring back this platform because it would ensure that no one would be single ever again.

I talked to my first boyfriend through kik on my iPod touch.

— Kate Kuisel

What’s shakin baby?/ What’s crackalackin?

This is certainly the hippest way to find out what’s happening. When you use this phrase you instantly become cooler and get labeled as a smooth talker.


Why say cool when you can say this word?  A party can never be truly great if you don’t describe it as crunk to let everyone know it’s the place to be.

My haters are my motivators

If you ever want to show the people who criticize you that you really don’t care (even though you actually do), this is the go to phrase. Who would want to be mean to you when you tell them that all of their insults are actually motivating you?


A/S/L stands for age, sex, location and it is the best way to get to know about someone. Why go through the awkotaco initial phases of small talk when you can say this to get straight to the point? You get all the information you need to know about someone in 3 simple points.

The bees knees!

Fun fact: bees do indeed have knees, and it gives this saying a whole new meaning. When you say “the bees knees” you are pointing how something is the absolute best, similar to the discovery that bees have knees. Also the rhyme really gives you that rush of euphoria you need to make it to the end of the day.


We’ve all met a floozy in our lifetime. This a man or woman who is particularly known for their time spent flirting with people (often more than 1 at a time).  They can be real charmers and dandies, but beware because they cannot be trusted.

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Referencing the know classic video of a woman getting interviewed by a news station after escaping a fire, this phrase was one of the first internet memes many of us encountered. There is no time when this phrase is not applicable whether it be finding out about a test the day of, hearing about drama going on at school, or deciding not to do your homework.

I have to go see a man about a dog

This is one for all you party goers out there. “I have to go see a man about a dog” was a phrase used during the prohibition era to say that you were going to buy alcohol illegally. So, next time you leave the house on your way to a raging party to get crunk, just tell your parents that you’re going to see a man about dog and they’ll be none the wiser.


Throwing it back to the 50’s, this is the only way you should address your male friends. This word can easily be swapped into a previous phrase as “What’s shakin daddy-o?”. It’s just pure science that your sound 100% cooler addressing people this way.

A little birdie told me

I get it, sometimes some secrets are just a little too juicy to not tell someone. If you want to avoid drama and not expose who you found out the secret from, blame it all of a little birdie who somehow seems to know all the hot gossip.

Noble strumpet

For those of you intellectuals out there that have read Othello, you may remember this searing insult hurled at Desdemona. Similar to floozy, except being much harsher, this is a word for a woman who may have questionable morals. If you want to sound big brained in an argument, use this phrase to really seal the deal.

Ugh as if!

Popularized by the movie Clueless, this is a phrase used to express absolute disgust or resentment at even the mere thought of something. For all you juniors and seniors, this is the only way you should be rejecting promposals, a simple “no” is not enough.

Hopefully you’ve now gained a greater appreciation for some old sayings, or even learned some new ones. Go forth and spice up your sentences with these incredibly enhancing phrases.