Ask Mason and Max Vol.6

Tackling Semi. Congratulations.


Question 1: My first choice for a semi date got taken, what do I do now? – A Freshman Boy

Sounds like a good ole fashioned rivalry. It’s time to jack up your britches and fight for your woman. Take the cowards route and sneak up on him while he is riding his bike to pick her up. Tie him up and leave him in a secluded bush. You will look like such a gentleman when he doesn’t show up and you are patiently waiting to take his place.

Question 2: If you are going to semi with an amiga, is it necessary and proper that romantic circumstances should sway us toward romantic activities? – A Sophomore Boy

That is up to her my friend. You may be feeling some kinda way but if those feelings aren’t reciprocated then it’s a no go my friend. Don’t be a creep. Feel it out and maybe consult one of her friends just to be safe.

I’m very excited to take my date

— Mills Jordan

Question 3: Where should you go and what should you do before semi? – A Freshman Girl

Try to find a nice lil group to hang out with and ride to the dance with. A traditional pregame dinner always proves sufficient. You can’t perform at full dancing capacity on an empty stomach.

Question 4: What should I do if I’m afraid to dance in front of people and hit a car after? – A Senior Boy

Be prepared to have some friends try to persuade you to dance. Make sure you don’t rage and scream and scare them. Also, when backing out, make sure you completely turn around and gaze out of your back window to make sure the coast is clear. Remember… A defensive driver is a good driver my dearest Fethan Ewell.

Question 5: What attire is customary? – A Freshman Boy

Boys should wear (from the bottom up): dress shoes, khakis, a belt, dressy button down shirt, a tie, and a blazer. Girls should wear a dress with some fancy shoes. Just make sure you dress to the nines.

Question 6: What are things you should steer clear of at semi? – A Senior Girl

Do not partake in any “extracurricular” activities. In terms of etiquette, avoid the dance circle if you don’t have any skillz or quality moves. Now, if you can unleash your inner MJ, show the world girl. Just don’t act a fool and embarrass your last name and everything should fall into place on this magical night.

Pull up. Gonna be fun.

— Travis Scott

Question 7: How should a freshman get a ride to semi with his date? – A Freshman Boy

Either pay an upperclassman you live near or (hehehe) ask your mommy to bring you then hold hands with ya girl in the back seat. That’s never awkward.

Question 8: is it better to go with a serious romantic date or with a squad of homies? – A Junior Girl

Most people prefer to attend semi with their close friends because they are afraid to face the burning passion they have for that special someone out there. Since this is the season of love you should branch off from your friends and chase after your true love. If they reject you, they don’t deserve you, so go after their best friend.