Back at it Again: Sorting the Senior Class Into Their Divergent Factions

We can't all be divergent.

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Back at it Again: Sorting the Senior Class Into Their Divergent Factions

Our take on the Divergent movie poster.

Our take on the Divergent movie poster.

Our take on the Divergent movie poster.

Our take on the Divergent movie poster.

Due to our recent smash-hit, “We Just Sorted the Entire Senior Class Into Their Harry Potter Houses”, we wrote this article as part 2 of a revolutionary series that continues to redefine journalism as we know it.

In case you never went through your 8th grade YA literature phase, the factions are societal divisions which people are placed into depending on aptitude tests and their personal values.  They are described as follows:

Candor: the honest

Dauntless: the brave

Abnegation: the selfless

Amity: the kind

Erudite: the intelligent

Divergent: contains the values of multiple different factions and individuals within it don’t have a dominant trait that defines them.  They cannot be delegated to one specific faction.

Factionless: this faction, or lack thereof, is specifically delegated to Shabih Jafri.  This is solely due to the fact that the temper tantrum he throws when he reads this will be magnificent.

I am NOT factionless okay?!”

— Shabih Jafri

And now, the factions themselves:

Audrey Alexander: Erudite

Liza Allen: Amity

Caroline Allston: Dauntless

Skyler Ayers: Candor

Natalie Aversano: Dauntless

Jay Baek: Abnegation

Colin Baker: Erudite

Adriana Ballinger: Erudite

Baxter Barrett: Candor

Eliza Basel: Candor

Razeen Basunia: Erudite

Eli Beall: Amity

Helen Beischel: Amity

Mason Bishop: Dauntless

Abby Bonner: Candor

Malia Borg: Amity

Kevin Boyd: Erudite

Andrew Boyles: Amity

Bryan Bracy: Divergent

Gia Braddock: Abnegation

Rion Brown: Amity

Ashley Bryan: Dauntless

Max Cabrera: Dauntless

Adriana Carter: Erudite

Hayley Cash: Abnegation

Qian Chang: Candor

Beauregard Cochran: Amity

Sera Cole: Abnegation

Alanah Colestock: Amity

Riane Coman: Divergent

John Conley: Abnegation

Tommy Crookes: Amity

Josh Cumins: Candor

Beau Dosher: Amity

Caroline Mackay Drolet: Dauntless

Elly Durante: Amity

Andrea Edwards: Divergent

Mary Helen Elliott: Amity

Sophie Estoppey: Abnegation

Addie Ethredge: Amity

Madison Facello: Abnegation

Emma Louise Farmer: Erudite

Grace Fellows: Erudite

Ethan Fewell: Amity

Jessica Forney: Candor

Luke Freudenheim: Erudite

Gage Gailbreath: Erudite

Hannah Garcia: Dauntless

Ben Garner: Erudite

Julian Gatch: Erudite

Meredith Gee: Candor

Alec Goldberg: Erudite

Sydney Graves: Candor

Jourdan Gruber: Amity

Zinnia Harris: Dauntless

Graysen Hasty: Erudite

Stephen Hilton: Amity

Stephen Holderness: Erudite

Sarah Hudock: Amity

Graham Inabnett: Candor

I’ve never had a corn chip.  I don’t even know what it is.”

— Graham Inabnett, a Candor

Shabih Jafri: Factionless

Paul Jiang: Candor

Lyle Johnson: Dauntless

Miles Jones: Amity

Anthony Joyce: Abnegation

Abby Keating: Erudite

Daniel Killough: Erudite

Andre Koka: Erudite

Lilly Ku: Dauntless

Kate Kuisel: Candor

Lindsay Lankau: Candor

Sully Lant: Erudite

Sam Leach: Candor

Parker LeClerc: Dauntless

JC Lesesne: Dauntless

Sallie Limehouse: Amity

Jared Lipton: Erudite

Shut the h*ck up, muggle.”

— Jared Lipton, confusing his fantasy series

Christopher Littlejohn: Divergent

Ivy Lu: Divergent

Sam Maher: Dauntless

Rachel Maile: Abnegation

Will Marshall: Amity

Luke Matthews: Candor

Hallie McClain: Amity

Aubry McConnell: Erudite

Connor McPherson: Dauntless

Carrie Metts: Candor

Chase Mitchum: Erudite

Gabby Mochizuki: Abnegation

Zach Moody: Erudite

Grace Moorman: Amity

Elizabeth Moseley: Divergent

Walton Moseley: Dauntless

Devin Narula: Dauntless

Nathan Nguyen: Dauntless

Aly Nida: Erudite

Matthew Nofsinger: Dauntless

Sarah Norman: Amity

Hannah O: Candor

Janie O’Shea: Divergent

Dylan Odell: Erudite

Vinod Pandey: Amity

John Paradise: Erudite

Mateo Pavic: Candor

Stuart Philp: Erudite

Let f be a function with derivative given by f'(x) = (x^3 – 8x^2 + 3)/( x^3 + 1) for -1 < x < 9. At what value of x does f attain a relative maximum?”

— Stuart Philp, an Erudite

Trap Puckette: Amity

Anne Claire Purcell: Dauntless

Chloe Putnam: Erudite

Dillon Ranwala: Erudite

Jackson Ray: Candor

Annie Riesberg: Divergent

Bella Rocco: Dauntless

Sarah Romagnuolo: Amity

Steven Schlosser: Divergent

Emma Sherman: Amity

Aileen Shi: Amity

Sidney Simpson: Candor

Jake Smalley: Divergent

Rachel Smith: Erudite

Samantha Smith: Candor

Kirkland Smith: Candor

Morgan Southworth: Amity

James Staubes: Erudite

Rachael Stokes: Abnegation

Tori Streetman: Divergent

Rifah Tasnia: Amity

Anna Tortorici: Candor

Maria Traver: Dauntless

Ryan Troy: Divergent

Ean Tucker: Abnegation

Acacia Van Kirk: Abnegation

Greta Waits: Dauntless

William Wendt: Divergent

Zach Wallace Wright: Erudite

Rachel Walmet: Dauntless

Bohan Wang: Erudite

Pauline Wang: Erudite

Victoria Waterfield: Abnegation

Max Windom: Candor

Mary Grace Wolf: Candor

Savannah Wray: Erudite

Angela Yang: Erudite

Cannon Yarborough: Divergent

Lauren Yates: Amity

Jonathan Ye: Candor

Caroline Young: Abnegation

Esther Yu: Amity

Forrest Zach: Amity

Yuna Zhao: Erudite

Andrew Zimlich: Erudite

Greg Zynoyko: Candor

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